How to Watch Movies on Kodi Android

So you want to know how to watch movies on Kodi Android?  You’ve reached the easiest tutorial with the best links, so you’re in luck.  Grab your Android and get ready to stream.

  • Tip: If you’re trying to watch movies on Kodi Android, you should really check out Kodi for Firestick & Fire TV.  It’s an easy way to watch movies on an inexpensive, Android-based TV Stick.

Kodi for Android is simple to install, so after it’s installed, “how to use it” is the question most people have.  If you still need to install Kodi on Android, use this guide from KFireTV.

How Do I Install Kodi on Android?

Just find it in the Google Play Store!  It’s listed as “Kodi”.  Find it, select it, then hit INSTALL on your Android phone.  After Kodi is installed, install TV Addons.  This should work for ALL Android devices that have normal Play Store access (which excludes Firestick & Fire TV – see the Note below for that).

  • Note:  If you’re installing Kodi on FireStick or Fire TV, you need to sideload Kodi using a sideloader app on your Android or iPhone.

How Do I Install TV Addons on Kodi for Android?

Watch this video or read this tutorial.

If you have Kodi installed and TVAddons installed, keep reading to see how to watch movies on Kodi Android.

How to FIND Movies on Kodi Android

If you want to see what’s on Kodi (movie-wise), use – that’s easy.

List of Sources in Exodus so you can Watch Movies on Kodi Android

List of Sources in Exodus to Watch Movies on Kodi Android

But after that, you need to know how to find the movie on Kodi Android.  To find your movie in Kodi, you start by launching Kodi, then after Kodi is open, go to VIDEO > Add-ons.  This will cause your list of video addons to open up.  From here you choose an addon, then navigate through that addon’s menus.

  • Note: If you don’t see any Addons listed under VIDEO > Add-ons, then go install TV Addons!  Do it.  Do it now.

How to WATCH Movies on Kodi Android (Easy Guide)

Here’s the step-by-step guide on How to Watch Movies on Kodi Android:
  1. Launch Kodi, go to VIDEOS > Add-ons.  Choose an addon.
    1. For our example, we’ll choose EXODUS, since it’s one of the best TV addons.

      Choose Your Addon: We Choose Exodus

      Choose Your Addon: We Choose Exodus

  2. After the addon of your choice is open in Kodi, use the menus to navigate around the addon.  You’ll want to use the pre-made menus (such as “Most Popular” or “People Watching”) or go to Movies > Search.
    1. To continue our example, after we launched Kodi we opened Exodus and went to Movies > Search.

      In Exodus, go to Movies > Search

      In Exodus, go to Movies > Search

  3. If you chose to Search for your movie, search for it and then select it in the Search results.  If you chose to look at a movie list like “Most Popular”, select the movie you’d like to watch from that list.
    1. In our example, we Searched for the movie “Big Buck Bunny” and then selected the correct movie (Big Buck Bunny) in the results.

      We search for Big Buck Bunny

      We search for Big Buck Bunny

  4. After you select the movie, most addons will present you with a list of SOURCES from which you can stream your chosen movie.  The sources are Sorted in different ways depending on what addon you’re using.  Choose a source that you know your Internet connection and your streaming device can handle (for example, a 1.5mbps Internet connection cannot play HD movies without buffering excessively).
    1. In our example, since we’re using Exodus, Exodus sorts the sources in order of Video Quality (1080p first, then SD).  We choose an SD source because for this particular viewing session we’re not extremely worried about visual detail and would prefer not to put the load on our bandwidth that would be required by an HD movie.

      List of Sources in Exodus

      List of Sources in Exodus

  5. If the Source you chose says “No stream available” or simply does nothing (does not play the movie), try a different source.  If none of the sources work, they may all be dead (which is unlikely).  Or, your ISP may be blocking TV addons from you.  If this is the case, use IPVanish to fix it!
    Exodus "Working" (See bottom right corner of screenshot)

    Exodus “Working” (See bottom right corner of screenshot)

    Voila!  You’re now watching Big Buck Bunny (or whatever title you choose).

  6. Enjoy your movies & TV shows on Kodi for Android!

    Big Buck Bunny in HD on Exodus for Kodi Android

    Big Buck Bunny in HD on Exodus for Kodi Android

Navigating Around Various TV Addons’ Menus in Kodi Android

Simply put, learning how to watch movies on Kodi Android is pretty easy once you install Kodi and install TV Addons.  Just know that each of the different TV Addons has a different set of menus, but they’re all pretty much the same.  In most TVAddons, you’ll see a list of categories like All Movies, Most Popular, Latest Movies, In Theaters, etc.

Most TVAddons will also have a “Search” function.  Searching using the FireTV Remote can be a pain, so get a nice Bluetooth keyboard to make the typing faster & easier.

Choosing A Source in Kodi Android

Now that you know what to expect in TV Addons menus, you also need to know about how Kodi’s TV Addons will typically give you a list of sources to choose from after you choose your movies.

Exodus "Working" (See bottom right corner of screenshot)

Exodus “Working” (See bottom right corner of screenshot)

Problems Finding A Source That Works? (“No Stream Available”)

Choosing your source can be the trickiest part of the whole process, since many sources are dead.  This is just the nature of the Kodi beast.  Try a different source.  If none of them work, you could have a network issue, an issue with your Kodi installation (in which case you would reinstall Kodi), and your Internet Service Provider could be blocking the TV Addons (this happens commonly in the UK, US, and AUS).

Also, your streaming device could be overheating or have other issues.  To optimize any streaming media player such as a Firestick, use this video.


Have questions?  Ask us in the comments!

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