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  Plot Summary:

James Bond is persuaded that he is focused by the world’s most costly professional killer while he endeavors to recuperate touchy sun powered cell innovation that is being sold to the most noteworthy bidder.

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  Movie Details:

Duration: 125m

Year: 1974
Language: English
Release Date: 20 December 1974

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He never misses his target, and now his target is 007.

  Movie Trivia

In his life account, Roger Moore said that when they were shooting the pontoon pursue on the klongs, he fell in twice. The first was deliberately (in light of the fact that they let him know not to do it), and the second time was coincidentally. On the second fall, Moore committed the error of opening his eyes submerged, and saw what the nearby funeral directors did with the assemblages of the less blessed.


One of the most minimal netting Bond movies. That reality, consolidated with in the background issues, about made this the last Bond film, and postponed creation of the following passage in the arrangement, The Spy Who Loved Me (1977).

Venturing out to Los Angeles for the Johnny Carson show to advance the film, Christopher Lee had his brilliant weapon appropriated by US traditions.

As per Roger Moore, Guy Hamilton needed to toughen Bond up additional with a specific end goal to be nearer to Ian Fleming’s unique expectation for the character. One of the routes was by having Bond contort the arm of Andrea Anders in the face of her good faith, and undermine to break it unless she let him know what he needed to know. Moore didn’t appreciate taping the scene, feeling that Bond would have rather enchanted the data out of her. Another scene Moore didn’t appreciate was pushing the kid into the water amid the watercraft pursue.

Roger Moore and Lois Maxwell, who plays Miss Moneypenny, are previous cohorts.

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  The Man with the Golden Gun Full Movie Storyline:

The pre-title grouping opens with a global professional killer, Scaramanga, unwinding on a tropical shoreline with a lady, Andrea Anders, his significant other. Scaramanga and Anders leave the shoreline, a brief timeframe later a criminal, Rodney, arrives and is met by Nick-Nack, a diminutive person who fills in as a worker for Scaramanga. Rodney has been employed by Nick-Nack to murder Scaramanga, who has guaranteed to leave all that he possesses to his little hireling. The criminal stalks Scaramanga through a funhouse-like wing of his home. Scaramanga has been gotten without his firearm and must think that its first. He does as such and can slaughter his eventual professional killer first. Scratch Nack happily tells Scaramanga he will discover an enemy that will beat his lord; the two appear to have an implicit assention that humors them both. Scaramanga gets the hoodlum’s firearm and turns all of a sudden, shooting the fingers off an adjacent wax sham of James Bond.

MI6’s top operator, James Bond, has been called to the workplace of his manager, M. M gets some information about Scaramanga, to which Bond discusses a clothing rundown of qualities, the most essential being that Scaramanga charges $1 million for each death, utilizes gold shots set apart with then name of his objective and is known as “The Man with the brilliant firearm.” M demonstrates Bond a gold projectile, thought to be one of Scaramanga’s, set apart with Bond’s administration number, “007” and a fractional unique mark of the villain’s. Bond is baffled with respect to why anybody would need him murdered and M orders him to go to Beirut.

In Beirut, Bond talks with a fascinating artist who is the last individual to see a kindred operator 002 alive who had professedly been executed by Scaramanga. Bond finds that the lady has kept the gold shot since her darling’s passing and uses it as a four leaf clover which she holds in her navel. A little gathering of hooligans break into her changing area and Bond, highly involved with kissing the lady’s guts, swallows the shot. He takes it back to Q who, alongside a metallurgist, can recognize the producer, a man named Lazar who lives in Macau. Bond is sent there to research and, while debilitating Lazar, is demonstrated a request for more brilliant slugs to be conveyed in the blink of an eye. Bond goes with Lazar to the slanted edge, a nearby clubhouse, where they are gotten by Andrea Anders.

Bond trails Anders to Hong Kong yet loses her at the hydrofoil port. He meets his partner, Mary Goodnight. Bond discovers where Anders is staying and goes into her inn room and generally investigates her, refering to the projectile sent to MI6 with his number on it. She concedes she works for Scaramanga, both as a dispatch additionally as his sweetheart; Scaramanga, similar to a matador, uses her for sex before he makes an execute. Bond likewise discovers that Scaramanga is expected to be at the Bottoms Up outlandish artists club that night. While staking the club, Bond sees Nick-Nack adjacent. As he watches, a man leaves the club and is instantly shot by Scaramanga, who is stowing away adjacent. The man, Gibson, is a sun based vitality master. Bond is captured by Lieutenant Hip as a suspect in the murder. Hip takes Bond to the rusted mass of the RMS Queen Elizabeth (really demolished by flame in 1972) in Hong Kong harbor, which ends up being MI6’s base of Asian Operations; M is there. Bond is educated that Gibson’s innovation, the Solex Agitator, a little yet effective gadget used to change over sun based vitality into power, had been stolen from him quickly after the shooting. Scaramanga had been procured to murder Gibson by a Chinese criminal, Hai Fat. Since Fat had never met Scaramanga vis-√†-vis, Bond can imitate the executioner; he even has Q supply him with a fake third areola, one of Scaramanga’s known physical attributes.

Bond goes to Bangkok and Fat’s home. Fat welcomes Bond back to his home for supper that night, be that as it may, Bond is ignorant that Scaramanga himself is has as of now met with Fat face to face. Fat orchestrates Bond to be slaughtered when he arrives. At the point when Bond appears at Fat’s place, he is quelled and caught by Nick-Nack and two sumo wrestlers. Scratch Nack about wounds Bond yet is halted by Fat, who sends Bond to an adjacent hand to hand fighting dojo. The class’ best understudy draws in Bond in battle yet Bond massacres him and bounced through a window. Hip touches base with his nieces, who beat the understudies with their own expertise at combative technique. When they hop in Hip’s auto, they take off without Bond, who must escape utilizing a powerful channel vessel, pursued by Thai long-tail pontoons, and amusingly helped by a shot keep running in with Sheriff Pepper (from Live and Let Die) who is traveling in Thailand with his better half.

Back at Hai Fat’s home Scaramanga executes the hoodlum (the firearm he uses is amassed from individual things, for example, a ball point pen, cigarette lighter and a sleeve fastener) and takes control of his advantages. Bond arrangements to go through a sentimental night with Goodnight at their lodging room yet they are hindered by Anders. Bond lays down with her and she admits she fears Scaramanga. She requests that Bond murder him. Bond says he will do as such however just in return for the Solex. Bond goes to a kickboxing match where Anders is holding up. She is dead, having been murdered openly by Scaramanga, who had found her selling out. Scaramanga acquaints himself with Bond, while Nick-Nack covers him with a modest gun. Scaramanga recounts his bazaar up-bringing, and cautions Bond not to tail him, while Bond finds the Solex on the floor among the spilled substance of Anders’ handbag, and clandestinely passes it to Hip, masked as a shelled nut merchant. Hip passes the Solex to Goodnight, holding up outside. Scaramanga and Nick-Nack leave the field, yet discover Goodnight attempting to plant a GPS beacon in Scaramanga’s auto and secure her in the storage compartment. Bond seeks after in a stolen auto. He pursues Scaramanga along a trench and almost loses him when Scaramanga bafflingly shows up on the opposite side of the water. Not ready to locate a reasonable scaffold adjacent, Bond drives his auto over a destroyed extension, executing a corkscrew bounce and arriving on the other bank. In the mean time, Scaramanga achieves a stable where his auto is changed over into a plane and takes off, Goodnight still in the storage compartment.

Goodnight’s following unit illuminates MI6 and Bond that Scaramanga has come back to his private island off the shoreline of China (really the Khao Phing Kan archipelago on the west bank of Thailand). Bond flies there under radar and terrains. He is met by Nick-Nack and Scaramanga and given a voyage through the office. Scaramanga demonstrates how the Solex gives energy to his compound. Despite the fact that he doesn’t comprehend the science included, Scaramanga knows the applications can stretch out to weapons; he demolishes Bond’s ocean plane with an impact from a laser weapon in his control room. Scaramanga arrangements to hand over the Solex innovation to whomever pays him the most astounding cost for it. He likewise uncovers that he has since a long time ago fancied to duel with Bond to see whom is the better marksman. Bond consents to the match.

The two go head to head with Scaramanga stalking Bond through his compound and Nick-Nack monitoring the match from a control comfort. Following a few minutes of both shooters sidestepping each other, Bond picks up the favorable position by replacing the wax sham that takes after him; Scaramanga goes into the room and is shot dead by Bond. Meanwhile, Goodnight has repressed the bodyguard Scaramanga had posted in the electric generator room and the man falls into a vat of fluid nitrogen. The adjustment in temperature agitates the adjust expected to keep up generation and the compound starts to self-destruct. Bond can recover the Solex and he and Goodnight get away from the compound before its pulverization.

To achieve human progress, Bond takes Scaramanga’s own garbage and leaves the island with Goodnight. On the pontoon, at last ready to appreciate some sentimental time alone, they are assaulted by Nick-Nack, who starts a shockingly angry fight with Bond. Bond can trap the humble hireling in a bag and takes him on deck. When he returns, Goodnight is astonished, imagining that Bond tossed the smaller person over the edge, notwithstanding, Bond has secured him a little confine. As they start their sentimental experience once more, Bond and Goodnight are at the end of the day hindered by a call from M, which the two disregard.

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  Plot Questions

In this section, we answer questions about the authenticity of The Man with the Golden Gun's story line, as well as what (if any) Sequels / prequels The Man with the Golden Gun has, and other random movie questions.

Was The Man with the Golden Gun based on a book?

See All Versions (Kindle, Paperback, etc.)

Is The Man with the Golden Gun based on a historical event?

Not from the research we did.

Was The Man with the Golden Gun based on a true story?

Our fact-checks indicate that this is not based on a true story.

Does The Man with the Golden Gun have a sequel?

No (or unknown).

Was The Man with the Golden Gun a comic?

No, this movie was not based on a comic.

Is The Man with the Golden Gun "demonic"?

Not to our knowledge.

Is The Man with the Golden Gun kid-friendly?

Not as far as we know.

Is The Man with the Golden Gun on Netflix?

No (or "not at this time").