The Girl on the Train

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  Plot Summary:

A divorced woman gets involved with a missing person case which turns out to be more action than she hoped for.

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What you can see can hurt you.

[vc_toggle title="Expand to See All Taglines" el_id="1476561358978-47c1f400-ce87"]Based on the thriller that shocked the world What did she see? Based on the novel that shocked the world[/vc_toggle]

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  Movie Details:

Duration: 1h 52m

Year: 2016 Rating: 6.8
Language: English

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  Movie Trivia

The creator of this movie, Paula Hawkins, had Michelle Williams at the top of the priority list for the acting role of Rachel, that ended up going to Emily Blunt.

Kate Mara was appended to the part of Megan however dropped out. Haley Bennett wound up supplanting her.

Margot Robbie was considered for the part of Megan.

Chris Evans was appended to play Tom, however booking clashes with Marc Webb’s Gifted (2017) constrained him to drop out. He was soon supplanted by Justin Theroux.

In the film, Rachel is barren. Humorously, Emily Blunt was pregnant amid shooting.

The novel appeared at No. 1 on The New York Times Fiction Best Sellers of 2015 rundown and stayed in the top position for fifteen weeks, thirteen of which were successive. The book had sold more than 3 million duplicates in the U.S. alone starting July 2015.

Jared Leto was considered for the part of Scott, however he dropped out because of planning clashes. Luke Evans supplanted him.

The book that the film depends on is really set in England, and Rachel gets the prepare into London. Emily Blunt is from London, England. For the motion picture, the area was changed to New York yet Rachel talks with Emily’s regular British articulation with regards to creator Paula Hawkins’ vision.

In the book, Rachel is pudgy from being a heavy drinker. Emily Blunt was pregnant with her girl Violet so did not require cushioning.

This is executive Tate Taylor’s fifth joint effort with on-screen character Allison Janney. They already cooperated on The Help (2011), Get on Up (2014), Pretty Ugly People (2008) and the short film Chicken Party (2003).

On September 21, 2015, it was accounted for that Jared Leto and Chris Evans were in converses with join the film, where Evans would play Tom, Rachel’s ex, and Leto would play the neighbor’s better half.

There are numerous likenesses to Alfred Hitchcock movies, for example, The Lady Vanishes [the missing woman]. Psycho [the young lady in the shower] Vertigo [the young lady in the historical center taking a gander at the composition ].

This was the principal film coordinated by Tate Taylor not to include Octavia Spencer.

Emily Blunt and Rebecca Ferguson have both co-featured in blockbusters with Tom Cruise- – Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow (2014) and Ferguson in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015).

Primary photography on the film started on November 4, 2015, in New York City.

Lisa Kudrow was Jennifer Aniston’s co-star on the hit TV arrangement Friends (1994). Jennifer Aniston is the spouse of Justin Theroux.

On October 27, 2015, Justin Theroux was thrown in the film to play Tom, supplanting Evans, who left the film because of a planning strife.

On November 4, 2015, The Hollywood Reporter affirmed that Luke Evans had supplanted Leto, who left the film because of a planning issue.

Before she was even thrown in this film, Haley Bennett had perused the book while on area shooting The Magnificent Seven (2016).

Emily Blunt was toward the starting phase of pregnancy toward the begin of recording. She kept it a mystery from the cast and group with the exception of her companion, co-star Justin Theroux. Chief Tate Taylor just discovered of the case towards the end of taping when taping a scene of Rachel showering, he saw that her knock was greater then it was before and went to defy her whether on the off chance that she had withheld data that was aware of him. Limit in the long run needed to uncover it to Taylor and he additionally consented to keep it mystery. When recording finished in February 2016, she was in her fifth month of pregnancy.

Allison Janney and Justin Theroux both showed up in the motion picture Strangers with Candy (2005).

This was the second joint effort between Lisa Kudrow and Allison Janney. Janney was a visitor in Kudrow’s arrangement Web Therapy (2011).

In this motion picture, a lady named Megan is lost; in 2011, there was a film entitled Megan Is Missing (2011), which included the vanishing of a high school young lady.

Emily Blunt was initially reached by maker Marc Platt about the title part and at exactly that point went out to purchase a duplicate of the book. Emily had showed up in Into the Woods (2014) co-delivered by Platt.

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  The Girl on the Train Full Movie Storyline:

The Girl on the Train is the tale of Rachel Watson’s life post-divorce. Consistently, she takes the train into work in New York, and consistently the train goes by her old house. The house she lived in with her significant other, who still lives there, with his new spouse and youngster. As she endeavors to not concentrate on her agony, she begins watching a couple who carry on a couple houses down – Megan and Scott Hipwell. She makes a great dream life for them in her mind, about how they are a flawless family. One day, as the train passes, she sees something terribly alarming. The following day, she awakens with a loathsome aftereffect, injuries and wounds, and no memory of the prior night. She has just an inclination: something awful happened. At that point came the TV reports: Megan Hipwell is missing. Rachel puts all her resources into the case and attempts to discover what happened to Megan, where she is, and what precisely she herself was up to that same night Megan disappeared.

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  Plot Questions

In this section, we answer questions about the authenticity of The Girl on the Train's story line, as well as what (if any) Sequels / prequels The Girl on the Train has, and other random movie questions.

Was The Girl on the Train based on a book?

See All Versions (Kindle, Paperback, etc.)

Is The Girl on the Train based on a historical event?

Not from the research we did.

Was The Girl on the Train based on a true story?

Our fact-checks indicate that this is not based on a true story.

Does The Girl on the Train have a sequel?

No (or unknown).

Was The Girl on the Train a comic?

No, this movie was not based on a comic.

Is The Girl on the Train "demonic"?

Not to our knowledge.

Is The Girl on the Train kid-friendly?

Not as far as we know.

Is The Girl on the Train on Netflix?

No (or "not at this time").

  Movie Mess-Ups ("Goofs")

At the point when Rachel sees the article about Megan’s vanishing/kill her age is recorded as 27 notwithstanding, toward the end her grave stone says “1990-2016” making her 25 or 26 depending whether she passed on before or after her birthday.

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The move in the passage makes put when it is dim however after that when Tom takes Meghan out to the forested areas, it is light out.

At the point when Rachel goes to Scott’s home and he gives her espresso, her espresso mug changes position on the table despite the fact that she hasn’t touched it yet.

At the point when Anna is attempting to make sense of Tom’s Windows secret word, the watchword is obvious. Windows clouds the secret word with the goal that it’s not unmistakable.