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  Plot Summary:

Famous Baltimore criminal and underground figure Divine goes up against an unpleasant wedded couple who make an energetic endeavor to mortify her and grab her newspaper given title as “The Filthiest Person Alive”.

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  Movie Details:

Duration: 93m

Year: 1972
Language: English
Release Date: 27 October 2016

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An exercise in poor taste.

  Movie Trivia

The pooch dung in the scandalous last scene are genuine. As indicated by chief John Waters, the pooch was sustained steak for three days already. Heavenly’s response to eating it was genuine.


Amid shooting, Divine was captured for taking, and with all due respect said that she was a strategy performing artist playing a criminal.

As indicated by creation architect Vincent Peranio, the workmanship office’s financial plan was about $200. Half went to buying the trailer, half to enriching it. “And after that after that (coming up short on cash), we would simply take things.”

The film has one of the longest front credits succession ever. Each performing artist and each and every additional highlighted in the motion picture seems recorded in it.

Elizabeth Coffey (Chick with a Dick) was a pre-operation male-to-female transexual who had as of now experienced hormone treatment to create bosoms and female components at the season of recording. She had surgery to expel her penis a week to the day her scene was recorded, and shows up as a totally female character in Waters’ next film, Female Trouble (1974).

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  Pink Flamingos Full Movie Storyline:

The film opens on a perspective of a pink trailer that is by all accounts situated in a clearing close to a rustic lush region. A voiceover storyteller distinguishing himself as Mr. J (John Waters) talks about the momentum status of “famous excellence” (Divine), who has gotten newspaper consideration because of her criminal vocation. The sensationalist newspapers have given Divine the title of “Filthiest Person Alive”, and the scope has constrained her to mask herself. She has received the nom de plume of Babs Johnson and withdrew to this provincial trailer simply outside Baltimore. She lives there with her child, Crackers (Danny Mills), and a young lady named Cotton (Mary Vivian Pearce), whom Mr. J distinguishes as Divine’s “voyaging buddy”. Additionally living in the trailer is Edie (Edith Massey), Divine’s fat, decrepit mother.

Inside the trailer, Edie has stirred and shouts to Babs; Edie dozes in a playpen in the front room, wearing only a bra, support and underpants. Edie requests that Babs bring her eggs, and we come to comprehend that Edie is fixated on eggs. At the point when Babs doesn’t react soon enough, Edie tries to inspire Cotton to bring her eggs. Babs seems to start with, wearing a pompous outfit. Her hair is an unnatural brilliant yellow shading, with a surprisingly high hairline and a fall connected.

Babs and Edie have a brief talk, with Babs being exceptionally patient and accomodating of her clearly moronic mother. Edie calls the trailer a “prepare”, and stresses over when the Egg Man (Paul Swift) will stop by. Babs guarantees her that despite everything they have eggs that she can get ready for her.

Mr. J then examines Connie (Mink Stole) and Raymond Marble (David Lochary), whom he calls “two envious deviants” who are madly desirous of Divine’s acclaim. Connie is a bizarre looking lady with hair colored splendid red. We meet her as she is directing an interesting prospective employee meet-up in her home. She tells a young lady named Sandy Sandstone (Nancy Crystal) that she can’t offer her work since she doesn’t know enough about Divine; clearly, the Marbles mean to keep an eye on Divine and learn insights about her way of life. Connie is a bombastic lady who disparages Sandy and incenses her until she storms out in a fury. The film curtails and forward between Divine’s family and the Marbles, as they advance on a crash course with each other.

Awesome and Crackers go into town to run errands in Divine’s Coup De Ville. En route, they intentionally run a jogger (Steve Waters) off the street and put on a show to get an officer (Elia Katz) bumming a ride home, pulling without end at last before he can get in the vehicle, much to the diversion of Divine.

Connie then meets with a lesbian couple (one of them Pat Lefaiver) who have gone to her to receive a child. While Connie is conversing with them, she sends her hireling, (Channing Wilroy) into the storm cellar. There are two young ladies detained down there, one dead (Marina Melin) and one alive and chafed. The dead lady has quite recently conceived an offspring and Channing takes the infant upstairs so Connie can offer it to the lesbian couple. Before he leaves, the surviving young lady, Susie (Susan Walsh), verbally criticizes Channing and condemnations him for his part in her abducting. She, as well, is pregnant, and Channing is the father. Channing impregnates the ladies and disposes of the bodies when they bite the dust in labor.

After she stops the auto, Crackers goes off all alone to make a date he has with a young lady. In a little supermarket, Divine shoplifts a steak from the butcher counter by disposing of the wrapping paper and covering the meat under her dress between her legs. She walks around downtown Baltimore and blows some people’s minds of bystanders, then strolls through a rural neighborhood and urinates on the front yard of an expansive stately home.

We then observe Raymond Marble, whose long hair is colored brilliant blue. Raymond has an interest for obscene presentation; he sneaks outside of an office assembling and takes after two young ladies as they stroll to a recreation center to have their lunch. Raymond sneaks up behind them while wearing a peculiar veil, then opens his long coat to uncover his penis hanging outside his jeans with a long bit of frankfurter joined to it. The young ladies keep running off shouting and he takes the satchels they have abandoned.

Later, Raymond and Connie welcome (Cookie Mueller) to their home. Treat is a young lady who tells the Marbles that she can get them data about Divine since she is Crackers’ date for the evening. The Marbles uncover their plan: find out about Divine’s private life and locate the most ideal approach to disrespect her, while all the while grabbing her title as “The Filthiest Person Alive”. The Marbles inform Cookie regarding their infant ring, and they uncover that they likewise possess a few erotic entertainment shops and front cash to heroin pushers in grade schools. They feel this is much filthier than Divine, and are angry of the consideration she has gotten.

Treat and Crackers do a reversal to the trailer, where Cookie has a private discussion with Edie. Edie uncovers that it is Babs’ birthday and a gathering is arranged. She additionally enlightens Cookie a couple of things concerning their home life. In the mean time, Crackers energetically converses with Cotton about his date, and advises her he has something uncommon arranged. Cotton is a voyeur who likes to watch Crackers in sex acts with ladies, and demands that Crackers never touch her by and by.

In the wake of acquainting her with Cotton, Crackers takes Cookie to the little shed behind the trailer that he utilizes as a private room. Inside, Crackers and Cookie are exposed on the grimy bed, and Crackers pushes two live chickens at Cookie’s bare body while she shouts with sickening dread. The chickens paw substantial scratches on her body, and in the process get to be smashed and slaughtered between the assemblages of Crackers and Cookie. Wafers openings the throat of one chicken and the blood gets everywhere throughout both of them. Cotton observes the greater part of this from the window of the shed, shivering in joy.

Quickly thereafter, the Egg Man visits the trailer, getting out as he arrives. Edie hears him and gets to be energized, shouting out for him as though she’s apprehensive he won’t stop generally. Cotton arrives and welcomes the Egg Man to Babs’ birthday party, then she purchases the greater part of the Egg Man’s eggs for Edie.

Back at the Marbles, Raymond and Connie are having intercourse by sucking every others toes, and we can see that their pubic hair is colored to coordinate the splendid blue and red shade of their hair. A telephone call from Cookie intrudes on them and she gives them the data she has gathered about Divine’s living game plan and her birthday party. “You have no clue what I needed to experience to get that data!” she lets them know. The Marbles are excited that they know individual insights about Divine, and they send her an astonish bundle via the post office – the address basically peruses “Babs Johnson, A Trailer, Phoenix, Maryland”.

At the trailer, Divine readies the steak she shoplifted and bolsters it to her family. A postman (Bob Skidmore) intrudes on their supper, and Divine stands up to him irately, incensed that somebody has set out to approach the trailer. When he keeps running off, she unwraps the bundle to find human dung inside. A birthday card reports that Divine is no more extended The Filthiest Person Alive. Divine flies into a fierceness, swearing retaliation for the disgusting motion.

Connie and Raymond grab (Linda Olgeirson), another young lady, in the wake of lifting her up while bumming a ride. They tranquilize her and have Channing place her in the storm cellar, where Susie starts to tirade at him once more. Channing, who is disturbed that aspect of his responsibilities is to engage in sexual relations with oblivious ladies and get them pregnant, has contrived another technique: he jerks off into his hand and uses a syringe to infuse the semen into Linda’s vagina.

Things advance. The Egg Man proposes marriage to Edie and she acknowledges, and he guarantees to take her to an extensive poultry manufacturing plant for their special night. The birthday party proceeds as arranged, with scores of visitors enjoying a wide range of debauched conduct. Raymond and Connie, mindful of the gathering, sneak up into the forested areas and watch from a separation as Divine grunts drugs with a companion, a lady plays out a striptease with a snake, and in one of the film’s most essential minutes, a bare man tosses his legs over his head an exhibits his abnormal capacity to make his butt expand quickly again and again. Raymond and Connie are stunned at this show, and immediately telephone the police to report Divine’s gathering. The police arrive, yet Divine and her gathering kill them with their uncovered hands, tearing their bodies separated and eating them crude as in “Night of the Living Dead”.

Connie and Raymond, bragging over the way that they’ve called the cops on Divine, return home to find Channing wearing Connie’s garments, copying both Raymond and Connie. Enraged, they secure him his “room”, which is truly only a storage room. They then set out for their last demonstration of retribution: to torch Divine’s trailer. Raymond discovers time to stop at the neighborhood stop to submit another demonstration of obscene presentation, however he is stunned when his casualty, a dazzling young lady putting on cosmetics in the recreation center, opens her dress to uncover that “she” has male private parts. She giggles with joy as Raymond keeps running off.

Perfect and Crackers, having scholarly of the Marbles through talk, attack the Marble living arrangement, licking the furniture and rooms to “revile” the house. To assist taint the home, Divine and Crackers confer a demonstration of inbreeding, with Divine performing oral sex on him. They are hindered by the sound of Channing, still bolted inside the storage room. They tie him up and scare him into educating them regarding Connie and Raymond. He additionally says the young ladies in the storm cellar, and they take him down the stairs to confirm it. Beyond any doubt enough, the detained young ladies are there. Heavenly and Crackers object to this assortment of corruption conferred by the Marbles, and they free the young ladies, permitting them to maim Channing as a demonstration of vengeance.

In the interim, the Marbles inv

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  Plot Questions

In this section, we answer questions about the authenticity of Pink Flamingos's story line, as well as what (if any) Sequels / prequels Pink Flamingos has, and other random movie questions.

Was Pink Flamingos based on a book?

See All Versions (Kindle, Paperback, etc.)

Is Pink Flamingos based on a historical event?

Not from the research we did.

Was Pink Flamingos based on a true story?

Our fact-checks indicate that this is not based on a true story.

Does Pink Flamingos have a sequel?

No (or unknown).

Was Pink Flamingos a comic?

No, this movie was not based on a comic.

Is Pink Flamingos "demonic"?

Not to our knowledge.

Is Pink Flamingos kid-friendly?

Not as far as we know.

Is Pink Flamingos on Netflix?

No (or "not at this time").