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  Plot Summary:

A recently enlisted night security monitor at the Museum of Natural History finds that an old revile causes the creatures and shows in plain view to become animated and wreak destruction.

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  Movie Details:

Duration: 108m

Year: 2006
MPAA Rating: Rated PG
Language: English
Release Date: 22 December 2006

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  Movie Trivia

While shooting, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson just had one day that they saw each other. Stiller conversed with a toothpick for the Jedediah scenes, then three months after the fact Wilson came in and recorded the greater part of his parts.


The “Hunnish” dialect in the film is totally extemporized.

Owen Wilson’s part as Jedediah was simply expected to be a cameo – yet his character tried so well with the gathering of people, they gave him a greater part. He would not have been credited in any case.

The elocution of Sacagawea’s name is wrangled in the motion picture. Both elocutions utilized are right.

Mentors spent a few weeks preparing Crystal the Monkey to slap and chomp Ben Stiller in the film.

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  Night at the Museum Full Movie Storyline:

The motion picture opens in Brooklyn with Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) heading off to his auto to find it has a boot on the tire. He then races to his companion to ask where his child Nick (Jake Cherry) is. His companion lets him know that his ex’s new beau took him home. Larry comes back to his ex’s home just to uncover that he may get ousted soon and move to Queens. He then takes Nick to play ice hockey. After the diversion is over, they stroll in the recreation center and Nick uncovers that he wouldn’t like to be a hockey player any longer, yet a bond broker like his mom’s sweetheart. Scratch inquires as to whether he is truly moving again and Larry, feeling awful about Nick, is resolved to land another position.

Sliced to Larry at an occupation office. He is being met by a lady who could give him an occupation some place. She tells Larry that she has never observed a resume like his. He expresses gratitude toward her, lone to find that it wasn’t a compliment. They examine distinctive things about his resume including his creation, the “snapper,” which is a turn off of the clapper for lights. She is going to reject him when he discloses to her the amount he truly needs an occupation. After a little delay, she murmurs and gives him the deliver to the Museum of Natural History, saying that everyone she sent over yonder got turned down, yet he “may get fortunate.”

Sliced to Larry strolling in the Museum of Natural History. He strolls up to the work area representative to request a man named Cecil (Dick Van Dyke). She demonstrates that Cecil ought to be in his office and presents herself as Rebecca (Carla Gugino). She indicates Larry around the room a bit before Dr. McPhee (Ricky Gervais) hinders to shout that youngsters are touching the shows. Rebecca goes ahead with her work while Larry continues to Cecil’s office.

Larry thumps on the entryway of the security office and Cecil answers, giving him access. He discloses to Larry that the historical center is losing cash and they will terminate him and his two collaborators Gus (Mickey Rooney) and Reginald (Bill Cobbs) and that they are searching for one new protect to supplant them. Larry is uncertain he ought to take the employment since they are night gatekeepers and he doesn’t care for remaining up throughout the night in a historical center. He in the long run concurs and Cecil instructs him to go hold up outside and he will get up to speed with him to show him around the historical center. After Larry leaves, Reginald inquires as to whether he considers “he is the one.” Cecil reacts by saying, “Goodness no doubt, he’s the one.”

He starts by indicating Larry the diorama stay with the Mayan culture, the Roman culture, and the Western culture. After Larry leaves the room, he can’t discover Cecil, he calls his name a couple times and we see a figure tailing him. He taps Larry’s shoulder and Larry shouts. The figure removes his veil to uncover Cecil wearing Indian dress. Cecil snickers since he terrified Larry however reminds him not to disturb anything. Proceeding onward, Cecil indicates him Attila the Hun, the Easter Island Head, and the Hall of African Mammals. Larry sees the monkey and Cecil says that they call the monkey Dexter. After they leave that room, they enter the Pharaoh’s Chamber, and Cecil demonstrates Larry the Pharaoh’s tomb and the tablet of Ahkmenrah, which he uncovers is 24 karat gold.

Larry is going to begin his first day of work and the three gatekeepers are there to give him what he needs. Cecil gives him his keys to bolt the entryways and his spotlight. He additionally hauls out a guideline manual and offers it to Larry. Cecil instructs him to turn a couple lights on since it gets somewhat spooky in there. He likewise lets him know in an intense tone not to give anything access or out. Larry is befuddled by this yet continues working. He turns on the lights and sits at the front work area, blowing into the phone which resounds his voice all through the whole gallery.

After for a short time, he nods off, however awakens by dropping out of his seat. He gets up and strolls over the space to find that the Tyrannosaurus Rex is absent. He gets out Cecil’s name imagining that it is Cecil pulling another trick on him. When he hears something down the lobby, he taps on the electric lamp to discover the dinosaur drinking from the drinking fountain. In stun, Larry drops the spotlight, the dinosaur hears this and quits drinking. He thunders and runs towards Larry, who tries to run and stow away by ducking under the front work area. He calls Cecil, who instructs him to peruse the directions and hangs up. The dinosaur grabs the work area with it’s mouth and tosses it over the room. Larry hauls out the direction manual and peruses the main guideline which is to “Toss the bone.” Larry is confounded until an expansive rib bone drops before him and Larry lifts it up and flings it over the room. Larry then tries to run out, yet the T-Rex shows up before him, drops the bone, and pushes it to Larry, proposing he needs it to be tossed once more. Larry understands that the dinosaur needs to play bring and he tosses the bone once more. This time the T-Rex’s tail hits Larry and tosses him onto the stairs. Larry then escapes the room.

As Larry is running, he goes by Cavemen who are attempting to make fire. He keeps running into the Easter Island Head who calls him Dum-Dum and that Larry should bring him “gum-gum.” The head cautions Larry to keep running as Attila the Hun shows up and pursues Larry into the lift. Larry goes into the room where Sacagawea is in plain view and he asks her what is going on. Being behind the glass, she can’t hear him. Larry falls in reverse and a Civil War warrior focuses a firearm over Larry’s neck and flames at different officers. Larry figures out how to escape unharmed.

Larry goes up the lift into the Hall of African Mammals. He peruses the following direction which is to bolt up the lions, “or they’ll eat you”. He drops the manual and it sails into the center of the room, directly before the lions. Larry keeps running for the manual, rapidly goes through the trees and shuts the door behid him. He peruses the following guideline which is to twofold check his belt in light of the fact that the monkey most likely stole his keys. He checks and his keys are missing. He admires see Dexter holding his keys. As Larry tries to get them back, Dexter chomps his nose and pees on him. Dexter then takes the direction manual and tears it into equal parts. Incensed, Larry goes and sits in the diorama room. He then observes little Mayan warriors and they begin shooting little bolts into his hand. Larry flees in torment.

Larry sees the Western display and stands before it. He hears a clamor beneath him and looks down to see that some little western individuals have entwined his feet. He pivots, however they push him off his feet onto the prepare tracks in the display. Simply then we see Jedediah (Owen Wilson) shouting at the cowhands to hoard tie him. The cattle rustlers toss ropes over his body and secure them firmly, holding Larry down on the prepare tracks (really, just his head lays on the tracks). They uncover that they are burnt out on being secured up in the show each night and Jedediah gives the request to begin the prepare. Larry asks Jed to stop the prepare, however Jed can’t. The prepare hits Larry in the head, yet wrecks without doing much harm. Larry breaks out of the ropes and gets up.

We see a multitude of little Roman officers prepared to assault Larry. Jedediah uncovers the pioneer to be Octavius (Steve Coogan). He advises the armed force to unleash hellfire, and they begin shooting fireballs at Larry. He flees and is safeguarded by Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams). Jedediah hollers to him that Teddy won’t generally be there to secure him and they ride away on his stallion. When they stop in the principle room, Larry asks him for what good reason everything is alive and Teddy takes him to the Pharaoh’s Chamber. We see the Pharaoh battling in his sarcophagus and Teddy shouts that he’s not getting out. He indicates the tablet and explains to Larry that the tablet is the reason everything wakes up around evening time. He tells Larry that he must ensure that nothing escapes the gallery, else they will swing to tidy if the sun comes up while they are outside. Teddy helps Larry get everybody together and we see Teddy gazing through his binoculars at Sacagawea. At the point when Larry inquires as to why, Teddy just says that he is following. Larry is not certain that he will return. Teddy lets him know that some are conceived extraordinary, however others have significance pushed onto them. Teddy does a reversal to his position in the historical center and Larry begins to leave. Jedediah pops out of Larry’s pocket and undermines to shoot his firearm at his eye. He shoots, yet nothing turns out. Larry hauls him out of his pocket and takes him back to the diorama room, pretty much as the sun rises, and everything does a reversal to the way it was.

Cecil and the other security monitors go into the historical center and Larry bounced out and astonishes them. He lets them know that everything in the exhibition hall springs up during the evening. Cecil clarifies that on the off chance that they let him know, he never would have trusted them. Larry stops and leaves the historical center. On the exhibition hall steps, Larry experiences Nick on his approach to class. Scratch lets him know that he cherishes that Larry works at the gallery. Larry guarantees to give Nick a visit at some point. Presently Larry must about-face inside and recover his employment. Dr. McPhee calls Larry to the diorama space to find that a Roman figure is in the stockades in the Western Culture diorama. Feeling that Larry did it, Dr. McPhee cautions him not to have a go at anything like that once more. Larry keeps running back to Cecil and inquires as to whether he has another direction manual since Dexter tore his separated. Cecil does not have another duplicate but rather encourages Larry to peruse about history, that it would offer assistance. Larry sees Rebecca giving a visit to a few children and chooses to go along with them. He snickers when Rebecca says that the monkey is known for it’s “liberal and adoring nature”. He calls her aside to inquire as to whether Sacagawea was hard of hearing (since she couldn’t hear him the prior night). Rebecca is irritated by his interferences and inquires as to why he is tailing them. Larry says that he simply has a few inquiries and inspires Rebecca to consent to meet him later for some espresso to talk about history. Rebecca uncovers that she is chipping away at an exposition about Sa

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  Plot Questions

In this section, we answer questions about the authenticity of Night at the Museum's story line, as well as what (if any) Sequels / prequels Night at the Museum has, and other random movie questions.

Was Night at the Museum based on a book?

See All Versions (Kindle, Paperback, etc.)

Is Night at the Museum based on a historical event?

Not from the research we did.

Was Night at the Museum based on a true story?

Our fact-checks indicate that this is not based on a true story.

Does Night at the Museum have a sequel?

No (or unknown).

Was Night at the Museum a comic?

No, this movie was not based on a comic.

Is Night at the Museum "demonic"?

Not to our knowledge.

Is Night at the Museum kid-friendly?

Not as far as we know.

Is Night at the Museum on Netflix?

No (or "not at this time").