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  Plot Summary:

Operator J needs assistance so he is sent to discover Agent K and reestablish his memory.

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  Movie Details:

Duration: 88m

Year: 2002
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13
Language: English
Release Date: 3 July 2002

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  Movie Trivia

J’s line on the “driver airbag” (“Actually it accompanied a dark buddy, however he continued getting pulled over.”) was extemporized by Will Smith. The makers enjoyed it so much it even made the dramatic trailer. Barry Sonnenfeld however was not cheerful, it was played again and again in the month of June preceding the film’s discharge, making the joke old and tired when individuals saw it in the motion picture.


The first pug from Men in Black (1997) was utilized to play Frank once more, yet since the pug was presently seven years of age, they utilized cosmetics to conceal the dark hide around its nose.

Newton, the Video Store proprietor, is likewise the Morgue orderly in the principal Men in Black (1997).

You can see Edgar the Bug’s flying saucer (from the principal Men in Black (1997)) on top of the top of the eatery where J takes Laura for a bit of pie.

In a meeting with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, Smith said: “It was incredible working with Frank the Pug in the primary film, yet since we returned he’s been acting like an a-gap.” Jones then said, “Better believe it, Frank’s had a touch of a personality emergency since the fixing.”

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  Men in Black II Full Movie Storyline:

The Columbia burn hums then flashes like a neuralizer.

A video demonstrates Mysteries ever: Episode 27 – Men in Black (the host: Peter Graves describes): “Albeit nobody has possessed the capacity to demonstrate their presence, a semi government organization known as the Men in Black probably does mystery operations here on Earth so as to protect us from outsiders all through the cosmic systems. Here is one of their stories that (making citations marks with his fingers) ‘never happened’, from one of their records that doesn’t exist.” Crude props and impacts go with the story:

“1978. Pioneers of Zartha escape their planet so as to escape the grip of the insidiousness Kylothian Serleena.” (Serleena is spoken to by a scattered mass of hoses). “Touching base on Earth, the Zarthans carry with them their most prominent fortune – the Light of Zartha – an inestimable compel so capable, that, in the wrong hands, it could spell the destruction of Zartha. The Zarthans’ princess, Lauranna (Paige Brooks), implored the Men in Black to conceal the Light from Serleena. Be that as it may, they had no way out. Intercession would have implied the decimation of the Earth.” (Serleena’s space transport lands. It would appear that a 8-ft tall metal frozen yogurt drumstick with three landing legs.) “In any case, in a demonstration of galactic fortitude, the Men in Black curbed Serleena, permitting the Zarthans to escape so they may conceal the Light on another planet. Serleena, discharged from her captors, promised that the Light would be hers, and that she would pulverize any planet that remained in her direction.” (The reenactment closes.)

Subside Graves completions: “Thus never recognizing what happened, the general population of Earth were at the end of the day spared by a mystery society of defenders known as the Men in Black.”

Over the opening credits, Serleena’s space transport flies through space, decimating planets it passes. It at long last achieves Earth in July 2002.

A pooch in New York Central Park barks at the sky. The puppy flees from the proprietor. Serleena’s ship crash-arrives in Central Park. The arrival legs project and after that reach out to upright the ship. Out of the base opening, a modest animal (Serleena) discharges onto the ground. The pooch gets up to speed to the ship (which is just a couple inches tall) and barks at the animal, which resembles an odd mouthless serpent. The serpent’s head opens up and thunders boisterously, frightening the pooch off. The serpent crawls over the ground, going over a magazine. Wind blows the pages open to a promotion for Victoria’s Secret; the female model wears dark underwear. The head opens wide and afterward several serpents turn out, shrieking and screeching, shaping a full-sized copy of the model in the magazine (Lara Flynn Boyle). Instantly after Serleena completely frames, an attacker wearing cowhide snatches her and holds a blade to her neck. He licks her and advises her that she tastes great, and afterward drags her to a close-by hedge. Escaped see, Serleena thunders and eats the man, his legs noticeable as she eats him topsy turvy. Serleena says, “No doubt, you as well.” She strolls once more from the hedge, her stuffed stomach sloshing and sputtering, and afterward takes a gander at the advertisement once more. She snarls then strolls back to the bramble and heaves the attacker, then returns out thin once more, conveying his attire, then leaves.

Men in Black (MiB) Agent J, “Jay”, (Will Smith) and his most recent accomplice, Agent T, “Tee”, (Patrick Warburton), experience a blossom projecting from a walkway grinding. Jay tells Tee, “Nothing extravagant, no heroics, by the book this time.” Tee answers, “Got it,” then kicks the bloom. Jay talks into the grinding, telling “Jeff” that they’re pondering what he’s doing here. Tee kicks the blossom once more, and Jay takes a gander at him, chafed. Jay proceeds with his reprimand of Jeff, emphasizing their game plan: the length of Jeff remains inside the “E”, “F”, and “R” tram lines, he can eat all the inorganic matter he needs. Tee snatches the blossom and pulls on it, asking “worm kid” what he’s doing. The grinding shakes and Jay tries to quiet Jeff. Jeff, a mammoth worm several feet long, blasts through the grinding. Jeff brings Tee shouting with it into the air, clutching the bloom on its head. As Jeff takes Tee up, Jay apologizes to Jeff for his accomplice, who is “new and sort of dumb.” Jeff tosses Tee onto the ground, and after that pulls back once more into the gap. Jeff’s tail blasts out of the ground adjacent and thumps Jay shouting into an organic product stand.

Jay hops into the main gap, arriving on Jeff as it speeds through a tram burrow. Jay knocks his head on the overhead, and after that clutches the bloom. Jay’s head thumps into some passing overhanging metal, and afterward he infuses Jeff with the sedative. Subsequent to avoiding additionally overhanging metal and a few signs he jabs his hand and knocks his head once more. Workers are holding up by a station. They watch a metro prepare cruise by, then watch Jeff go by screaming the other bearing with Jay shouting. The suburbanites glance back at their telephones, magazines, and daily papers as though nothing unusual happened. Jay has the hypo prepared and raises it up to infuse Jeff once more, however it tosses him shouting through the window of the metro auto up ahead. Jay gets up and demonstrates his MiB ID card to the travelers, letting them know that he’s from the Transit Authority. He instructs them to advance to the auto in light of the fact that “there’s a bug in the electrical framework,” yet nobody even notification him. Jay rehashes his demand, letting them know that there’s a bug in the electrical framework, then thinks back. On sign, Jeff makes some real progress on the back of the metro auto, then the travelers shout and hurried to the forward auto. Jay wryly instructs them to take a seat since it’s exclusive a 600-foot worm. Jeff takes another nibble of the tram auto. Jay tells the motorman, Capt. Larry Bridgewater (Peter Spellos), to “put the mallet down,” yet he tells Jay that he chooses what happens on the prepare. Jeff then makes some real progress on that metro auto, and Capt. Bridgewater hurries to the control comfort. Jay strolls to the back of the tram auto and undermines Jeff with his blaster, so Jeff shuts its mouth and quits pursuing them. Starting as metal drags the ground, the destroyed tram auto limps into the 81st Street Station. Jay declares the landing to the travelers. He ventures out and destroys the travelers with his neuralizer, then snidely expresses gratitude toward them for taking an interest in New York City’s penetrate; had it been a genuine crisis, they would have been eaten. He then addresses them about not tuning in, being oblivious and “seeing it all,” and overlooking his demand to move to the following auto. They recuperate, and Jay destroys them with the neuralizer once more. He expresses gratitude toward them for taking an interest in a bore, and trusts they appreciate the new littler, more vitality effective metro autos. Jay leaves and destroys the motorman as well.

Jay calls MiB home office to secure the edge and to send a tidy up team to 81st and Central Park West. He then requests MiB to disavow Jeff’s development benefits instantly and escort him back to the Chamber St. station. He at long last demands a check of the close date on the unipod worm sedative. When he climbs the stairs out of the station, he tells two men that the station is shut for a penetrate; they get to be resentful. Jay says, “The pleasure is all mine.”

Jay sits on a seat and Tee returns to sit with him. Tee realizes that he didn’t go “by the book.” Jay asks him when he last took a gander at the stars, and on the off chance that he ever felt alone in the universe. Tee isn’t much for discussion. At long last Jay takes Tee to eat some pie.

Scrad (Johnny Knoxville), a two-headed humanoid outsider, comes back to his place following a night on the town. His other take becomes off of his back on an appendage – it’s his littler twin Charlie (Johnny Knoxville) whom he keeps in a knapsack; both are similarly idiotic. Scrad is reprimanding Charlie for “talking in the face of my good faith” and pursuing endlessly a lady at a bar. Scrad pivots and sees Serleena, however doesn’t perceive her. Charlie tries his conversation starter on her. Serleena chokes them with her serpent limbs, and Scrad at long last perceives her. She lets him know that she got his message, and asks where the Light is. Charlie needs $50 million to advise her, yet Serleena puts limbs through their ears and noses. Scrad advises her that in spite of the fact that they couldn’t locate the Light, they followed it to a person who may know where it is; he runs a pizza parlor on Spring St. They all leave.

Jay and Tee eat pie at the Empire Diner. It has a flying saucer standing out of the rooftop, as though it slammed. Tee begins rambling on the grounds that he realizes that Jay’s going to neuralize him. Jay instructs him to quit making a scene, and after that asks him for what good reason he joined MiB. Tee answers that following six years in the Marines, he gets a kick out of the chance to serve, enjoys the activity, and likes to ensure the planet. Jay lets him know that since he prefers being a legend, he joined the wrong association. Jay inquires as to whether he knew about James Edwards (himself), however Tee says no. Jay says that he spared the lives of 85 individuals on the metro, yet nobody realizes that he exists; hence, by what method would anyone be able to ever adore him. Tee wails uproariously some more. Jay destroys Tee with the neuralizer. Jay advises Tee to get hitched and have a pack of children. As Jay leaves, he tells a server that his mate is somewhat timid, yet believes that she is hot. The server and Tee grin at each other.

At Famous Ben’s Pizza of Soho, Ben (Jack Kehler) (Laura’s supervisor) presents Laura Vasquez (Rosario Dawson) with the “Worker of the Month” plaque on the divider. She gets an instance of Mountain Dew from the storm cellar. When she comes back to the parlor, Serleena is holding Ben noticeable all around, and is requesting that he give her data about the Light of Zartha. Ben asserts that he doesn’t know anything. Laura approaches the telephone to report a theft, then the indirect access pops open. Serleena over and over requests the thick Scrad to keep an eye on the entryway, so Laura stows away under the counter. Scrad reports that the wind blew the entryway open. Serleena tells Ben that despite the fact that she ventured to every part of the universe for a long time searching for the Light, it never left Earth; they (the Zar

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  Plot Questions

In this section, we answer questions about the authenticity of Men in Black II's story line, as well as what (if any) Sequels / prequels Men in Black II has, and other random movie questions.

Was Men in Black II based on a book?

See All Versions (Kindle, Paperback, etc.)

Is Men in Black II based on a historical event?

Not from the research we did.

Was Men in Black II based on a true story?

Our fact-checks indicate that this is not based on a true story.

Does Men in Black II have a sequel?

No (or unknown).

Was Men in Black II a comic?

No, this movie was not based on a comic.

Is Men in Black II "demonic"?

Not to our knowledge.

Is Men in Black II kid-friendly?

Not as far as we know.

Is Men in Black II on Netflix?

No (or "not at this time").