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Logan (2017)

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  Plot Summary:

* This movie will be released on March 3, 2017 *
Logan and Xavier come to terms with the loss of the X-Men while fending off Nathaniel Essex from completely obliterating the Earth.

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Duration: 137m Year: 2017

Language: English
Release Date: March 3, 2017

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  Movie Trivia

This is the last film in which Hugh Jackman will play Wolverine. He has referred to his age and his skin agingĀ as components in him resigning from the part.

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This is the last film in which Sir Patrick Stewart will play Professor X.

It was trusted that after the sucess of Deadpool (2016), twentieth Century Fox chose to go for a R rating for this film, not at all like the other Wolverine motion pictures. In any case, it was affirmed in a meeting with X-Men maker Simon Kinberg this was not the situation, and the R rating was continually going to happen.

Liev Schreiber is reputed to repeat his part as Victor Creed/Sabertooth from X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009).

The film will happen later on, the year 2024, however in the far future that was built up in X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014).

Sienna Novikov will play mutant Laura Kinney/X-23. This will be the character’s first appearance in the true to life universe.

The title of the film is “Logan.” This is a reference to Mark Millar’s realistic novel “Old Man Logan.”

Stephen Merchant plays Caliban, making him the second performing artist to depict the character. Tomas Lemarquis played Caliban in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016).

Stephen Merchant reported his support in the film by posting an Instagram picture which demonstrated him with a crisply shaven uncovered head and having a “Wolverine 3” slogan, however the post did not specify his character’s name or some other specifics about his part.

English Chinese/Irish performing artist Jon Foo is a fan most loved for the part of Da’ken, Wolverine’s half-Japanese child.

The tune in the secret trailer is “Hurt” by Johnny Cash. Money was depicted by Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the Line (2005) coordinated by James Mangold, helmer of The Wolverine (2013) and Logan (2017).

Both Hugh Jackman and Richard E. Concede have featured in a Dracula motion picture. Jackman was in Van Helsing (2004) and Grant was in Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992).


Despite the fact that it’s the last motion picture in the Wolverine set of three, the film will go about as a reboot as opposed to a spin-off of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and The Wolverine (2013) as it exists in a substitute course of events set up by X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) and will highlight an alternate form of Wolverine which appeared in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016).

In the post credits scene of X-Men: Apocalypse, a gathering of men in suits are indicated attacking the Weapon X office and taking a vial that says “Weapon X”, and putting it in a bag named Essex Corp. This affirms we will see Laura Kinney, otherwise known as X-23, in a future film.

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Set later on, Logan and Professor Charles Xavier must adapt to the loss of the X-Men when an enterprise lead by Nathaniel Essex is keen on obliterating the world. With Logan’s mending capacities gradually blurring without end and Xavier’s Alzheimer’s driving him to overlook Logan must annihilation Nathaniel Essex with the assistance of a young lady named Laura Kinney, a female clone of Wolverine.


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  Plot Questions

In this section, we answer questions about the authenticity of Logan (2017)'s story line, as well as what (if any) Sequels / prequels Logan (2017) has, and other random movie questions.

Was Logan (2017) based on a book?

See All Versions (Kindle, Paperback, etc.)

Is Logan (2017) based on a historical event?

Not from the research we did.

Was Logan (2017) based on a true story?

Our fact-checks indicate that this is not based on a true story.

Does Logan (2017) have a sequel?

No (or unknown).

Was Logan (2017) a comic?


Is Logan (2017) "demonic"?

Not to our knowledge.

Is Logan (2017) kid-friendly?

Not as far as we know.

Is Logan (2017) on Netflix?

No (or "not at this time").