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  Plot Summary:

In nineteenth century France, Jean Valjean, who for a considerable length of time has been chased by the merciless policeman Javert in the wake of breaking parole, consents to look after an assembly line laborer’s little girl. The choice changes their lives for eternity.


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  Movie Details:

Duration: 158m

Year: 2012
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13
Language: English
Release Date: 25 December 2012

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  Movie Trivia

Fantine’s strike by a rejected client depends on a real occurrence from Victor Hugo’s life that brought about Fantine’s creation: he was headed to his supervisor’s office when he experienced a young fellow badgering a whore. When she dismisses his advances, he pushed a modest bunch of snow down her dress and pushed her to the ground. When she guarded herself with her clench hands, he promptly called the police to capture his “aggressor”. Hugo was a minor superstar at the time and talked up for the lady’s sake when the police arrived and could have her set free. Hugo said he was frightened by the shamefulness of the lady’s circumstance and started to envision that she may have kids relying upon her, and in this way Fantine showed up in his psyche.

Commonly, the soundtrack for a motion picture musical is recorded a while ahead of time and the performing artists emulate to playback amid taping. Notwithstanding, on this film, each and every song* was recorded live on set to catch the suddenness of the exhibitions. Everybody required, from Hugh Jackman to Russell Crowe to maker Cameron Mackintosh, have commended this approach as it permitted them to focus on their going about rather than lip-adjusting appropriately. They have likewise lauded chief Tom Hooper for endeavoring this on such a scale; something no executive has ever done some time recently. * One tune (Look Down) set in the dock yard, had to be pre-recorded as it was unrealistic to perform and record it live due to the amont of water and clamor in the scene

Hugh Jackman lost significant weight and went 36 hours without water, making him lose water weight around his eyes and cheeks, giving him the thin appearance of a detainee. He likewise grew a genuine scraggly facial hair for scenes of Valjean as a detainee, however leniently they were shot first underway and he could shave and come back to his standard weight for scenes playing Valjean as an affluent man

Recording the performers’ singing live as they’re acting may not be a first for this film, but rather the degree, and particularly the way in which it’s being done, is: The on-screen characters wore ear pieces which encouraged the sound of a live piano being played off-stage, to keep their singing in key. The principle curiosity here is, there’s no tally in or foreordained beat and the piano is taking after the pacing of the performing artist, not the other route around – a first for a shot musical. Symphonic music was included after creation.

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  Les Miserables Full Movie Storyline:

In 1815 France, convict Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) is discharged on parole by jail protect Javert (Russell Crowe) in the wake of serving a 19-year sentence for taking a roll of bread and additionally rehashed escape endeavors. Following a while of floating around France, Valjean is offered sustenance and safe house by the Bishop of Digne (Colm Wilkinson), yet takes his silver amid the night. He is gotten by the powers, yet the Bishop lies by saying that the silver was given as a blessing, and secures Valjean’s discharge. Touched by the Bishop’s adoration, elegance and liberality, Valjean breaks his parole and pledges to begin a legitimate life under another character. Javert swears he will convey the got away convict to equity.

After eight years in 1823, Valjean has turned into a well off manufacturing plant proprietor and leader of the residential area of Montreuil-sur-Mer. A young lady named Fantine (Anne Hathaway), one of his specialists, is found to send cash to her ill-conceived girl, Cosette (Isabelle Allen), who lives with the corrupt Thénardiers (Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter) and their little girl Éponine (Natalya Angel Wallace), and is expelled by the foreman (Michael Jibson). Left with no option, Fantine swings to prostitution. Amid a contention with an oppressive client, Javert, now a police monitor, captures Fantine, however Valjean intervenes and takes her to a clinic where she is determined to have a terminal instance of tuberclosis.

Later, Valjean discovers that a man accepted to be him has been captured. Not able to denounce a guiltless man, Valjean uncovers his character to the court before withdrawing for the healing facility. There he guarantees to a diminishing Fantine that he will care for her little girl. After Fantine kicks the bucket, Javert touches base at the doctor’s facility and endeavors to capture Valjean. In any case, Valjean escapes and discovers Cosette at the Thénardiers whorehouse/asylum. Valjean fixes the couple to permit him to take Cosette away. After Valjean trusts in Cosette about her mom passing without end, he guarantees to resemble a father to her. Valjean reaches the Bishop of Digne who consents to give him and Cosette new idenities to avoid the powers.

After nine years in June of 1833, Jean Maximilien Lamarque, the main government official thoughtful toward poor people, is nearing demise. Understudies Marius Pontmercy (Eddie Redmayne) and Enjolras (Aaron Tveit), together with road urchin Gavroche (Daniel Huttlestone), talk about instigating an upheaval to topple the legislature. Later Marius gets a look at Cosette (Amanda Seyfried), now a young lady, and in a flash experiences passionate feelings for her. In the interim, in spite of Cosette’s scrutinizing, Valjean declines to educate her regarding his past or anything about her late mother, Fantine.

At a bistro, Enjolras sorts out a gathering of optimistic understudies as Lamarque’s demise is reported. In the mean time, Éponine (Samantha Barks), now Marius’ companion, drives him to Cosette, where the two purport their adoration for each other. Deploring that her mystery adore for Marius will never be responded, Éponine fatalistically chooses to join the transformation. Later, an endeavored burglary of Valjean’s home makes him erroneously trust that Javert has found him, and he escapes with Cosette. As they leave, Enjolras energizes the Parisians to revolt, and Cosette sends a goodbye letter to Marius.

The following day, the understudies intrude on Lamarque’s burial service parade and start their attack. Javert acts like a revolt with a specific end goal to keep an eye on them, yet is immediately uncovered by Gavroche and caught. Amid the resulting gunfight, Éponine spares Marius at the cost of her own life, claiming her affection to him before she passes on, which leaves Marius crushed at the loss of his closest companion. Valjean, catching a letter from Marius to Cosette, goes to the blockade to ensure Marius. Subsequent to sparing Enjolras from expert marksmen, he is permitted to execute Javert. Be that as it may, when the two are separated from everyone else, Valjean liberates Javert rather and discharge his weapon to fake the execution. At first distrusting, Javert marvels at Valjean’s liberality.

With most of the Parisians not joining the insurgency as the understudies expected, they make plans to battle until the very end. Everybody is murdered by government troops in the last strike in the city blockades, yet Marius is spared when Valjean drags his oblivious body into the sewers. Thénardier, rummaging the dead bodies, takes Marius’ ring. Valjean recoups and gets away from the sewers conveying Marius, however is gone up against at the exit by Javert. Javert debilitates to shoot Valjean on the off chance that he declines to surrender, however Valjean disregards him. Not able to accommodate the contention between his common and good obligations, two things which he generally considered the same, Javert submits suicide by bouncing off a scaffold into the Seine stream.

Later, Marius grieves for his companions yet Cosette solaces him. Uncovering his past to Marius, Valjean lets him know he should leave since his nearness jeopardizes Cosette, and makes Marius guarantee never to advise her. A couple of months after the fact, Marius and Cosette wed; the Thénardiers crash the gathering and affirm that they saw Valjean helping a killed carcass through the sewers. Thénardier unwittingly demonstrates Marius the ring that he stole from him as “confirmation.” Recognizing the ring, Marius understands that it was Valjean who spared his life. Marius and Cosette race to Valjean in the wake of being told his area by Thénardier.

As Valjean sits kicking the bucket in a neighborhood community from his long haul heart condition, he sees the soul of Fantine seeming to take him to Heaven. Cosette and Marius surge into say goodbye. Valjean hands Cosette his admission of his past life, and the spirits of Fantine and the Bishop control him to heaven, where he joins the spirits of Enjolras, Éponine, Gavroche, and alternate dissidents at the Barricade on the lament Soufflot.

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  Plot Questions

In this section, we answer questions about the authenticity of Les Miserables's story line, as well as what (if any) Sequels / prequels Les Miserables has, and other random movie questions.

Was Les Miserables based on a book?

See All Versions (Kindle, Paperback, etc.)

Is Les Miserables based on a historical event?

Not from the research we did.

Was Les Miserables based on a true story?

Our fact-checks indicate that this is not based on a true story.

Does Les Miserables have a sequel?

No (or unknown).

Was Les Miserables a comic?

No, this movie was not based on a comic.

Is Les Miserables "demonic"?

Not to our knowledge.

Is Les Miserables kid-friendly?

Not as far as we know.

Is Les Miserables on Netflix?

No (or "not at this time").