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  Plot Summary:

A baffled Confederate armed force coward comes back to Mississippi and leads a volunteer army of kindred traitors, runaway slaves, and ladies in an uprising against the degenerate neighborhood Confederate government.

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  Movie Details:

Duration: 139m

Year: 2016
MPAA Rating: Rated R
Language: English
Release Date: 24 June 2016

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Based on the incredible true story.

  Movie Trivia

Victoria Bynum, essayist of the book The Free State of Jones: Mississippi’s Longest Civil War makes a cameo in the film as a doctor’s facility nurture. She can be found in the restorative tent sitting by an officer with an injured shoulder as she peruses sacred text to a fighter amputee. The Bible verse she peruses to them is Psalm 27:1.


The Free State of Jones was not by any means the only southern locale that restricted or potentially debilitated to withdraw from the Confederacy. Uprisings happened in the Nickajack district of North Alabama and East Tennessee, the State of Scott in North Tennessee, Searcy County in Arkansas, and the Republic of Winston in North Alabama. Kanawha, which turned out to be West Virginia, was the main range to effectively sever from a Confederate state.

Among the numerous additional items in the film “The Free State of Jones” is a man by the name of Christopher David McKnight, who is a real relative of fundamental character Newt Knight, played by Matthew McConaughey. Newt Knight is Chris’ third Great Grandfather. Chris is from Lake Charles, Louisiana, and heard the buzz about the film at an early stage in its generation and presented his name to be considered as an additional in the motion picture.

In 2016 a record was found in the National Archives which was a demand by Newton Knight’s organization to join the Union Army in 1864. It loans legitimacy to Knight’s cases.

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  Free State of Jones Full Movie Storyline:

October 1862, Jones County, Mississippi

Confederate troopers are walking into a battle as they get ready for the begin of the Battle of Corinth in the northern part of the state. The men go head to head against the Union armed force, prompting to a grisly battle. On the Confederate side is surgeon Newton Knight (Matthew McConaughey). He conveys the harmed to wellbeing and tends to the injured, getting a reasonable photo of the repulsions of war. This has left Newton fatigued to life on the war zone.

Newton discovers that the individuals who possess at least 20 slaves are excluded from battling and get the chance to go home. It makes him more drained and irritated to battle in another person’s war. During the evening, he is found by a neighborhood young homestead kid named Daniel (Jacob Lofland), who sorrowfully tells Newton that his family’s advantages have been seized and he’s been drafted to battle. Newton comforts the kid.

The next day, Newton and Daniel are battling together in fight. Daniel is shot, and Newton diverts him far, attempting futile to guarantee him he’s not passing on. Daniel passes, and Newton conveys his body home to his mom so he might be appropriately covered.

Newton deserts from the Confederate armed force and goes home to his significant other Serena (Keri Russell) on their ranch. He communicates his assumptions to her. Upon his arrival, he learns of another family whose advantages are seized by Confederate troopers. Newton and Serena’s newborn child is sick, so he goes to the nearby street house to discover a specialist. Rather, he is alluded by Aunt Sally (Jill Jane Clements) to her family’s slave, Rachel (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). She tends to the youngster and helps him can rest easy.

The scene hops to 85 years after the fact to 1947, where Newton’s extraordinary awesome incredible grandson Davis (Brian Lee Franklin) is on trial. He is a relative of both Newton and Rachel, making him 1/eighth dark, and for this, he is restricted from wedding his long-lasting sweetheart, who is white.

Newton visits the homestead family whose creatures were taken. He gives the mother and her three youthful little girls rifles and shows them how to shoot. A trio of mounted force officers touch base, with the head officer expressing he is searching for traitors. Newton, the mother, and girls all have their rifles pointed at him, alongside a few up in the horse shelter that are hung up from the roof however made to look like there are others indicating at the officers. They leave however promise to return.

The officers pass by Newton’s home and sic their pooches on him. Newton is pursued by one and is found as he tries jumping over a fence. He gets his blade and cuts the canine to death. With Aunt Sally’s help, Newton is guided to a bog and is met by Rachel to a gathering of runaway slaves drove by a man named Moses Washington (Mahershala Ali). Moses treats Newton’s leg wound.

Since Newton turns into a criminal, Serena abandons her home with their kid. This adds to Davis’ case since it was realized that Serena left and along these lines couldn’t have considered another kid with Newton.

Newton and Moses bond among alternate runaways, and Newton in the long run comes to administer to whatever is left of them also. Newton severs a metal bearing on Moses’ neck. Together, with alternate runaways, they arm themselves against the slave catchers who keep running by their den. In the interim, Rachel is subtly showing herself to peruse as she watches the family’s youngsters being instructed to peruse. Newton likewise builds up an individual association with her and even shows her how to shoot.

July 4, 1863

Vicksburg tumbles to Union strengths and more officers leave the Confederate armed force. The miscreants discover the marsh and join with Newton and the runaways. Together, they frame a civilian army against the Confederates, and also a little group inside the bog, where they develop corn and fabricate shield. They corner a gathering of Confederates in the forested areas with firearms after the officers discover their corn supply and attempt to grab it. Newton undermines the lieutenant yet chooses to release him.

Confederate chief Elias Hood (Thomas Francis Murphy) approaches Aunt Sally in her shop to induce Newton to disband his gathering so they won’t do hangings among their kin. At the point when that doesn’t work, the warriors begin smoldering horse shelters and offering exonerations to those in the local army that set out their arms. Newton then revives his kin to battle back. Four of Newton’s kin, including two young men, are caught by the warriors and are hung. At their entombment, Newton blends up the general population’s feelings to persuade them now is the perfect time to battle back.

The state army strikes back by having Moses and a couple other men in boxes spring up at the right minute and fire at the troopers. A fight follows, with many officers getting hit and murdered. Newton takes after Hood into the congregation and corners him under a seat. He shoots his weapon at Hood, however never deliberately hitting him. Rather, he chokes him to death and drags his body outside.

Walk 1864, Ellisville, Mississippi

The state army takes the fight facilitate toward the Confederates, having developed in size throughout the months. In the end, the civilian army overwhelms the armed force. They bring down the Confederate banner and raise the American banner. The general population praise their triumph. Newton brings Rachel into a room where she can have her own particular bed. She is overpowered and begins crying.

Colonel Lowry (Wayne Pere) is walking with his men along Ellisville to send a regiment against the state army. Newton accumulates everybody and gives them a discourse. He peruses from a record that expresses the states of what is to be their Free State of Jones.

June 1865

The civilian army holds out until the end of the war and keeps on flourishing. Freedmen can develop arrive for themselves. Moses can rejoin with his significant other and tyke. After three months, in any case, the guarantee of “40 sections of land and a donkey” is repealed from the freedmen. Still, the general population figure out how to extend their group, including setting up a school where Rachel is instructing individuals to peruse.

Serena returns and reunites with Newton and their child, who is presently a young man. She clarifies how her circumstance has fared since abandoning him, and how her horse shelters have been burned to the ground. Newton welcomes them to remain with the group.

Moses sets off when his child is taken by slave proprietors. Newton tails him to ensure he doesn’t get executed. It is presently a year after the liberation, and slaves are as yet being chipped away at the fields. Moses takes his child however is cornered by two slavers with rifles. Newton mediates and is later put on trial for his activities. He challenges him.

In light of these sorts of laws, Congress puts the South under military law. Extra Union troops are sent down there, and previous Confederates are stripped of their energy. The freedmen are permitted to vote in favor of the first run through, thus Military Reconstruction starts to occur. A gathering of freedmen walk together as a union in dissent down on Ellisville. Thusly, the Ku Klux Klan arranges and confers acts, for example, torching against a congregation.

Rachel brings forth her and Newton’s youngster. Serena even helps her deal with the tyke. This is conveyed to the consideration of Davis’ situation when attempting to figure out if or not it was Rachel or Serena that he is plummeted from. The confirmation is clarified with Newton’s family Bible that contains composed evidence that Rachel conceived an offspring.

Moses circumvents gathering data from freedmen and slaves. He is sought after by a gathering of furious white people. Newton later discovers the greater part of Moses’ papers spread over the ground, until he goes over Moses’ body dangled from a tree. The people group profoundly grieves this misfortune.

Decision Day lands, with eyes on Newton and his kin walking to vote. When he gets to the voting lobby, Newton asks for republican tickets. After the vote, it is expressed that the vote based vote beats the republican by a tremendous number.

Throughout the following year, Klan movement ascends as Union troops are hauled out. A great many African-Americans are killed paving the way to the race of 1876. This makes Rachel stress for her and Newton’s youngster.

Toward the end of Davis’ case, he is conceded abandon the condition that he get his marriage canceled and that he move out of Mississippi. He declines to do as such, seeing his case as unlawful, and the judge sentences him to five years in jail. Be that as it may, the Mississippi State Court upsets his conviction to maintain a strategic distance from government issues.

The last piece of content expresses that since Newton and Rachel were not able wed, he deeded her 160 sections of land of land, making her one of only a handful couple of African-American ladies to possess arrive. They would live on that ranch for whatever remains of their lives.

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  Plot Questions

In this section, we answer questions about the authenticity of Free State of Jones's story line, as well as what (if any) Sequels / prequels Free State of Jones has, and other random movie questions.

Was Free State of Jones based on a book?

See All Versions (Kindle, Paperback, etc.)

Is Free State of Jones based on a historical event?

Not from the research we did.

Was Free State of Jones based on a true story?

Our fact-checks indicate that this is not based on a true story.

Does Free State of Jones have a sequel?

No (or unknown).

Was Free State of Jones a comic?

No, this movie was not based on a comic.

Is Free State of Jones "demonic"?

Not to our knowledge.

Is Free State of Jones kid-friendly?

Not as far as we know.

Is Free State of Jones on Netflix?

No (or "not at this time").