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  Plot Summary:

Four siblings hope to retaliate for their mom’s passing.

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  Movie Details:

Duration: 109m

Year: 2005
MPAA Rating: Rated R
Language: English
Release Date: 12 August 2005

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Jack Mercer will do violence to get justice.

  Movie Trivia

All of Mark Wahlberg’s lines were extemporized. Garrett Hedlund experienced issues ad libbing his lines, so John Singleton and Mark Wahlberg helped him through it.


The washroom scene took 2 days to shoot. For 12 hours a day, Mark Wahlberg rested his uncovered base on an icy can, Garrett Hedlund remained in a hot shower, and Tyrese Gibson wore only a robe. Check Wahlberg must be offed the can toward the end of every day, and Garrett Hedlund’s skin peeled and pruned.

Three of the siblings are played by artists turned performing artists: Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark), Tyrese Gibson (Tyrese) and André Benjamin (Outkast). Unexpectedly, Garrett Hedlund plays an artist. Much later he would play artists to some praise.

The vast majority of the prodding with Jack was ad libbed by Mark Wahlberg and Garrett Hedlund.

Amid the Thanksgiving supper, just Bobby does not “see” Evelyn. This is because of Bobby declining to acknowledge her passing.

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  Four Brothers Full Movie Storyline:

On an icy, blanketed night in Detroit, an El Camino auto chases after another town. The auto that the Camino is taking after parks and the driver gets out and strolls into a comfort store. The driver is Evelyn Mercer (Fionnula Flanagan), a pleasant, elderly lady. She gets a young man named Darnell (Tahliel Hawthorne) taking a treat and upbraids him before telling the clerk, Samir (Pablo Silveira), to call the police. We see that Evelyn is feigning however she utilizes her danger to talk detect in Darnell who guarantees to never take again he leaves the store. Evelyn admits to Samir that Darnell simply needs a more established sibling as she strolls to the back of the store to select a Thanksgiving turkey. The El Camino tenants (Richard Chevolleau and Awaovieyi Agie) escape the auto and enter the store, clad in dark hoods and employing shotguns. They request cash from Samir as Evelyn holes up behind a counter. She listens as Samir hands over the cash before they shoot him dead and heaves, a sound that the criminals listen. Outside the store, a moment gunfire is heard before the criminals leave the store and take off.

Bobby Mercer (Mark Wahlberg) drives once more into Detroit after a nonappearance to go to his embraced mother, Evelyn’s, memorial service. He welcomes his siblings Jeremiah (André Benjamin) and Jack (Garrett Hedlund) who gives a passionate tribute on how Evelyn showed him that he didn’t need to be apprehensive any longer and what it intended to be a piece of a family. Everybody goes to Jeremiah’s home later for gathering where Lt. Green (Terrence Howard) briefs his accomplice, Fowler (Josh Charles), on the Mercer siblings before joining. All dependents of the government, the four siblings, at present short Angel ([linknm0879085]), were raised and received by Evelyn herself after she neglected to discover them fitting homes somewhere else. Bobby, the most seasoned sibling, holds a notoriety for being an overwhelming weight, getting kicked out of hockey after different offenses. Jack is the most youthful and a “five star fuck-up, second rate class demigod”. Jeremiah is the main sibling to proceed onward from his previous, an effective specialist with a spouse and children. Green grew up with the siblings, regularly playing hockey with Bobby, and is on great terms with them notwithstanding their notorieties for being inconvenience creators. He concedes astound at seeing Bobby around the local area yet offers his regards for Evelyn.

Bobby and Jack acquaint themselves as uncles with Jeremiah’s two little girls, Daniela and Amelia (Riele Downs and Riele Downs), and let them know that, however they don’t look like Jeremiah, they are still siblings. Jeremiah’s better half Camille (Taraji P. Henson) communicates worry with him about Bobby’s nearness and doesn’t care for having him remain at their home. Green addresses Bobby and lets him know that they are researching Evelyn’s murder, educating him that they are addressing a b-ball player who saw two men coming up short on the accommodation store the night she was shot. Fowler treats the issue with lack of interest, prompting Bobby to demand that the officers take off.

The three siblings drive to the old Mercer home where Bobby and Jack will remain. They discover Angel sitting tight for them on the yard, clearly having quite recently come back from the Marines, and castigate him for missing the memorial service. They go into the house and the heaviness of the circumstance begins to hit home; their mom is not there and won’t return. Bobby educates Angel and Jack that they are to remain in their old rooms while he sets up in Evelyn’s room. There, he is overpowered and separates in the lavatory. He cleans up and comforts Jack in his room, crying noiselessly as he tinkers with his guitar. Jeremiah reports that he’s going out to get a turkey, saying that they ought to in any case observe Thanksgiving in spite of everything. As he leaves, Angel communicates the desire to get some air however Bobby understands him like a book: he advises Angel not to upset the cheeky sweetheart he used to have who now has another beau. In spite of Angel’s confirmations that he won’t go, we next observe him running half stripped through the snow with her as they escape her loft, her beau (Jay Hunter) pursuing them in his auto, discharging shots into the night. Holy messenger and his sweetheart, Sofi (Sofía Vergara), make it back to the Mercer home.

Bobby ridicules Angel for bringing Sofi back and lets him know that he doesn’t need her there, in spite of Angel’s challenges that he truly watches over her. This exclusive urges Bobby to make fun once more. Heavenly attendant begins hurling things around the room out of intensity and to aggravate Jeremiah who is attempting to watch a football game. This prompts to both of them harsh lodging while Bobby gives a shout out to them until Jeremiah figures out how to handle Angel to the ground and sticks him. Later, they all take a seat to eat together. Bobby drives them in saying beauty and they quietly begin to serve themselves and eat, all mindful of the unfilled seat at the leader of the table. Jeremiah envisions seeing Evelyn there and she upbraids him for eating with his mouth open. He adjusts himself and relates this counsel to Angel before looking down at his sustenance once more. Holy messenger envisions that he sees Evelyn, getting some information about his tattoos before indicating one of her own, a rose. Heavenly attendant grins before he hears her reminding him to keep his elbows off the table. Jack, noticeably having the hardest time managing Evelyn’s nonappearance, envisions her guaranteeing him that, in spite of all the terrible things that transpired, he is sheltered at this point.

Bobby is the last to turn upward however sees only Evelyn’s void seat. Notwithstanding, he gets to be troubled and quits eating before recommending that they play The Turkey Cup, their customary hockey game. They go out and appreciate the cool night air and celebrations before going to a bar, drinking in memory of Evelyn. Jack gets to be inebriated yet the others are sufficiently lucid to assist examine Evelyn’s murder. They concur that the police won’t get far, however Jeremiah attests that they ought to leave the examination to them. The barkeep (Conrad Bergschneider) comes over and gives his sympathies before educating the siblings that he heard the shooting was pack related. Bobby requests to know all the more yet Jeremiah gets to be bothered and leaves to go home, declining to ‘get shot up’ with his siblings. With some new data from the barkeep, Bobby takes Angel and Jack to the auto where they arm themselves with some light weaponry (Jack getting stiffed with a crowbar) and take off to an old posse safehouse where a gathering is occurring. Taking after the barkeep’s lead, they drop in on the gathering, terminating a couple rounds into the air to dissipate the revelers. They stand up to the group pioneer (Mpho Koaho) and splash him in gas, requesting answers about Evelyn’s demise. Jack coolly lights a cigarette as the pioneer jabbers that he doesn’t ha anything to do with the shooting however says that the b-ball playing witness the cops met was lying. He moves down this announcement by saying that the witness saw the shooters leave at 11 yet the ball court lights go off at 10.

Bobby takes the group pioneer out to the very court close to the comfort store where, similarly as he said, the court lights close off at 10 pm. They permit the group pioneer to leave as they ask why the witness would lie. They come back to the house and examine their discoveries with Jeremiah while Bobby sets aside opportunity to ridicule Sofi. Holy messenger, in any case, is not delighted.

The following day, the siblings go to meet with Evelyn’s legal advisor, Robert Bradford (Kenneth Welsh), where he peruses her will and introduces a crate to be left for the siblings. He says that Evelyn left a significant impact on him and allows the siblings to sit unbothered to gap her possessions. Jack and Jeremiah discover their introduction to the world testaments which points of interest where they were conceived and whom to. Bobby finds an envelope loaded with cash and parts it between himself, Jeremiah, and Angel, leaving Jack with a bit of gems, clowning that it will look great on him. Jeremiah takes the siblings to a deserted stopping complex which he uncovers as his most recent venture to restore and profit off of, expressing that the cash to begin the venture shouldn’t be an issue. They then go to the accommodation store where Evelyn was shot and demand to see any security cameras that were recording that night. They observe uncertainly as the shooters enter the store and Evelyn hides. At the point when the shooters find her, they hold her at gunpoint and delay while she addresses them. Bobby noticed that none of what happens bodes well; the shooters have their cash and there is no motivation to execute Evelyn. They stop people in their tracks away as Evelyn is shot down. They inquire as to whether he knows who the witness was who addressed the police. The man does not know a name, but rather depicts him to the siblings and says that he plays b-ball at an adjacent group focus. Bobby drives his siblings to their next goal, pissed realizing that their mom was set up and that her murder was not arbitrary.

They touch base at the group focus where a group is viewing a ball game. The siblings interfere with the diversion, shaking firearms and depict the observer to everybody, requesting to know where he is. Jack sees a child anxiously leave the theater and tails him into the corridor where he pursues him to the end. Heavenly attendant handles the child and they gather Bobby and Jeremiah. They cross examine the child, named Keenon (Kevin Duhaney), and ask him for what valid reason he ran. Keenon concedes that the man they’re searching for is his sibling. Bobby tells Keenon that the three folks behind him are “his” siblings and all they need from Keenon’s is to converse with him. Keenon takes a gander at the four suspiciously in spite of Bobby’s statement that they are his genuine siblings yet concedes that his sibling is named Damian (Lyriq Bent) and lets them know where he lives.

The siblings hold up outside Damian’s loft before Jeremiah says he needs to safeguard to take his little girls to move hone. The others ridicule him and scornfully comment that he wouldn’t like to discover who murdered their mom. After he leaves, Jack take note

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  Plot Questions

In this section, we answer questions about the authenticity of Four Brothers's story line, as well as what (if any) Sequels / prequels Four Brothers has, and other random movie questions.

Was Four Brothers based on a book?

See All Versions (Kindle, Paperback, etc.)

Is Four Brothers based on a historical event?

Not from the research we did.

Was Four Brothers based on a true story?

Our fact-checks indicate that this is not based on a true story.

Does Four Brothers have a sequel?

No (or unknown).

Was Four Brothers a comic?

No, this movie was not based on a comic.

Is Four Brothers "demonic"?

Not to our knowledge.

Is Four Brothers kid-friendly?

Not as far as we know.

Is Four Brothers on Netflix?

No (or "not at this time").