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  Plot Summary:

Writing understudy Anastasia Steele’s life changes perpetually when she meets good looking, yet tormented, very rich person Christian Gray.

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  Movie Details:

Duration: 125m

Year: 2015
MPAA Rating: Rated R
Language: English
Release Date: 13 February 2015

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Mr. Grey will see you now

  Movie Trivia

Remote controlled cameras were used for a larger part of the sexual moments so the set could be more private for the performers.


Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey uncovered that he and his group digitally included shots of obvious pubic hair and that it was not genuine. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan both wore sheer unobtrusiveness patches, frequently utilized as a part of sexual moments, to cover themselves while shooting.

Dakota Johnson needed to utilize body make-up to cover her tattoos in the film.

Angelina Jolie was offered the opportunity to coordinate, however she declined.

Dakota Johnson took a flogger and a few sets of clothing from the film set. She took the clothing guaranteeing they were excessively open to, making it impossible to abandon.

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  Fifty Shades of Grey Full Movie Storyline:

Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) is a business major at Vancouver University in Washington state. She goes to the Gray House working to meet the baffling CEO of Gray Enterprises, Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan) set up of her wiped out flat mate Kate Kavanagh (Eloise Mumford). Christian additionally happens to be a supporter of the college. Ana asks Christian a few inquiries arranged by Kate, including his being received at 4 years old and on the off chance that he is gay. Christian says he is certainly not gay. Ana is scared and obviously intrigued by him. After the meeting, Christian escorts her to the lift. He just says, “Anastasia,” to which she answers, “Christian.”

At school, Ana is drawn closer by her companion Jose (Victor Rasuk), who is a photography real who reports his photos will be a piece of a show at school. Ana compliments him, clearly Jose harbors affections for Ana.

Ana works at a handyman shop, Clayton’s. She chats on the telephone with her mom Carla (Jennifer Ehle), who illuminates Ana that she can’t make it to her graduation since her beau Bob (Dylan Neal) has broken his foot. Her administrator Paul (Anthony Konechny) brings her over to help her in the back. Ana strolls by a walkway and is startled to discover Christian there. He asks for a few materials like pipe tape and rope. Ana tries to keep her cool with him however she is especially charmed by him.

Christian stances for a photoshoot shot by Jose, with Ana and Kate in participation. Kate takes note of that Christian can’t take his eyes off Ana. Later, the two get espresso together. Christian examines his family, as does Ana. She inquires as to whether he has a sweetheart, to which he expresses that he doesn’t “do the sweetheart thing”. He inquires as to whether she is keen on Jose or Paul, yet Ana says no. As they stroll down the road, Ana is practically hit by a biker until Christian hauls her off the beaten path. Before separating, he gives her a business card and expresses that he’s remaining at the Heathman Hotel.

Taking after the end of their finals, Ana and Kate go to celebrate at a bar with Jose and a couple different companions. Ana gets entirely tipsy and calls Christian while in line for the women room. Christian heads over to the bar to lift Ana up. Ana goes outside, and Jose takes after her. He concedes he loves her and tries to kiss her. Christian keeps running in and pushes Jose far from her. Ana then vomits and Christian keeps her hair down before she goes out. He takes her back to his inn room while leaving Kate with his sibling Elliot (Luke Grimes).

Ana awakens in Christian’s room wearing distinctive garments since he says her different ones were secured in regurgitation. Christian takes his shirt off and uncovers what give off an impression of being cigarette blazes on his mid-section. He presents to Ana some toast and gets his escort Taylor (Max Martini) to bring Ana some new garments. There is some tease going ahead between the Christian and Ana, however he says he won’t touch her until she gives him composed assent. They stroll to the lift, however Christian chooses, “Fuck the printed material” and they kiss energetically. He takes her home, where they discover Elliot and Kate having intercourse on the love seat.

Later on, Christian takes Ana on his private helicopter to his apartment suite in the Escala Building in Seattle. There, he demonstrates her his “den”, which is loaded with BDSM (Bondage Dominance Submission Masochism) materials like ropes, chains, whips, and floggers. Christian clarifies that he is a “predominant” and appreciates doing certain things with the assent of other ladies. Ana inquires as to whether it is love-production, however Christian says he doesn’t have intercourse, he “fucks hard”. Ana is shocked this, yet it doesn’t push her away. She admits to Christian that she is still a virgin, a reality that shocks him. He chooses to redress this, and he takes her to the room. He gradually strips her and kisses her thighs. He lays her on the overnight boardinghouse to engage in sexual relations with Ana, which she significantly appreciates. After the sex, Christian is in another room playing piano. An exceptionally exposed Ana strolls over to him, and they begin kissing. He lifts her up and takes her back to the room.

The following morning, Ana and Christian wash up after she repairs some breakfast. They are going to engage in sexual relations again when Christian’s supportive mother Grace (Marcia Gay Harden) appears. Ana meets Grace, who is pleased to become more acquainted with Ana. Elegance hasn’t seen Christian in a while, and he leaves to accept a business call.

Ana and Christian stroll through the forested areas. He advises her that his first sexual experience was at 15 years old with his mom’s companion, who was additionally a predominant. Ana observes this reality to aggravate, yet Christian doesn’t consider it to be such.

Before Ana goes home, Christian gives her an envelope with an agreement and certain rules/clarifications for their BDSM game plan. When she returns home, Ana finds that Christian has sent her a portable workstation for them to stay in contact and for her to do look into on the subject. Ana investigates the rundown of clarifications for the overwhelming and easygoing, including certain sex demonstrations and codes amid the real demonstrations. Ana is both inquisitive and somewhat embarrassed after adapting some of these things. She sends Christian a message saying it was decent knowing him.

None excessively content with this announcement, Christian appears in Ana’s room. He inspires her to lay in quaint little inn entwines her wrists with his tie. He blindfolds her with her shirt and gets whatever remains of her garments off. He kisses her body and runs an ice 3D shape over her exposed mid-section and stomach with his mouth. He then turns her around and begins to have intercourse with her doggie-style.

The following day, Ana chooses to meet with Christian secretly in a conference of sorts to talk about the agreement. Ana discounts any type of fisting (to Christian’s mistake) and additionally the utilization of genital braces. Generally, she appears to be alright with a portion of the solicitations recorded.

The day of Ana and Kate’s graduation arrives. Ana’s dad Ray (Callum Keith Rennie) shows up and sits with Kate’s folks. Christian shows up and gives a discourse. Two young ladies remark on how hot he is, and Ana hangs over to them and says he’s gay, sadly. After the function, Ana acquaints Christian with Ray after Kate alludes to him as Ana’s beau. She and Christian get their photo taken for the daily paper. He additionally gives Ana another red Audi as a blessing, saying that he motivated Taylor to offer her old Beetle (something that she isn’t content with).

On a few different events, Christian keeps on attempting and show Ana what she can expect on the off chance that she is his tame. He twists her over his lap and removes her jeans, beating her a couple times, which she kind of appreciates. He brings her once more into the den, ties her hands, blindfolds her, and strips her bare. He whips her butt a couple times with a riding yield, which appears to energize her.

Ana joins Christian at his mom’s home since his sister Mia (Rita Ora) has come back from her visit in Paris. Kate is additionally there as Elliot’s date. Amid the supper, Ana specifies that she is going to Georgia to visit her mom. Christian and Ana stroll around the garden, and Christian is frantic at discovering that Ana is taking off.

Around evening time, as Ana lies in bed, Christian specifies his introduction to the world mother being a medication someone who is addicted who kicked the bucket when he was four. He scarcely recalls her however he claims to now and again dream about her.

Ana heads to Georgia to be with Carla. During the evening she messages Christian and discovers he is going out for supper with a companion. Asking, ” with Mrs. Robinson?”, Christian doesn’t affirm or deny. The following day Ana and her mother talk about her new relationship over Cosmos at an inn relax. Ana gets a content from Christian saying, “Not ANOTHER Cosmo,” which startles her. He strolls into the bar and acquaints himself with Carla before requesting himself a drink. Later, Christian takes Ana up in a lightweight plane and excites her with circles and rolls. On landing he gets a call and needs to come back to Washington quickly.

At some point later Ana comes back to Washington with Taylor lifting her up and dropping her off at the Escala Condo.

Things get warmed since Ana still hasn’t authoritatively marked the agreement. She doesn’t feel good with the prospect of Christian attempting to rebuff her for his pleasure. He advises her that he wouldn’t like to hurt her nor does he need to do anything that she wouldn’t need him to do. She asks him for what good reason he needs to do this, to which he reacts that he is “fifty shades of messed up”. Christian takes Ana into the den and pulls her jeans down to demonstrate her how outrageous their BDSM relationship can be. He says he will whip her butt six times with his belt, and he makes the most of her. After the 6th hard whip, Ana is embarrassed and she withdraws to the room to lie in informal lodging. Christian is sweating and breathing hard, She wouldn’t like to see Christian right at this point. She lets him know she’s become hopelessly enamored with him, yet she realizes that she can’t be what he needs her to be.

Ana gets dressed and sets out toward the lift, she leaves the portable PC and requests her VW Beetle back, Christian says it’s past the point of no return yet he’ll send a check. Christian takes after her and tries to prevent her from leaving, however her brain is made up. As she ventures into the lift, he shouts to her, “Ana…” She just says, “Christian” as the lift entryways close.

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  Plot Questions

In this section, we answer questions about the authenticity of Fifty Shades of Grey's story line, as well as what (if any) Sequels / prequels Fifty Shades of Grey has, and other random movie questions.

Was Fifty Shades of Grey based on a book?

See All Versions (Kindle, Paperback, etc.)

Is Fifty Shades of Grey based on a historical event?

Not from the research we did.

Was Fifty Shades of Grey based on a true story?

Our fact-checks indicate that this is not based on a true story.

Does Fifty Shades of Grey have a sequel?

No (or unknown).

Was Fifty Shades of Grey a comic?

No, this movie was not based on a comic.

Is Fifty Shades of Grey "demonic"?

Not to our knowledge.

Is Fifty Shades of Grey kid-friendly?

Not as far as we know.

Is Fifty Shades of Grey on Netflix?

No (or "not at this time").