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  Plot Summary:

A trying picture taker builds up a close association with a more seasoned lady in 1950s New York.

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  Movie Details:

Duration: 118m

Year: 2015
MPAA Rating: Rated R
Language: English
Release Date: 15 January 2016

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  Movie Trivia

The character of Carol Aird was motivated by Virginia Kent Catherwood (1915-1966), a Philadelphia socialite six years more seasoned than Patricia Highsmith with whom the creator had an affection illicit relationship in the 1940s. Catherwood lost guardianship of her little girl after her homosexuality was utilized against her with a taped recording of a lesbian contact she had in a lodging room. (“‘Immediately, I cherish her’: the issues that propelled Carol”. The Telegraph, 28 November 2015)


In spite of the fact that Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara weren’t required to be on the flip side of the line at whatever point they chat on the telephone, they offered to do as such to bail each other out. Subsequently at whatever point Carol and Therese converse with each other on the telephone, Blanchett and Mara are truly on the flip side of the line.

Rooney Mara’s honor season crusade brought on discussion because of the studio’s choice to place her in dispute as supporting performer. Mara has 71 minutes of screen time, the rate of her screen time to motion picture length is 60%. Cate Blanchett, named in the main class, had 6 minutes less screen time than Mara, checking in at 65 minutes, 54% of run time.

Hymn smokes cigarettes not just in light of the fact that it was usually acknowledged in the times the motion picture is set, additionally in light of the fact that the physical demonstration of smoking is utilized as imagery and as implicit dialect. Song is indicated smoking when she is sure or coy, and when she is on edge or obliged. Be that as it may, Carol did not smoke out and about excursion with Therese; neither in the auto, nor in eateries, motel and inn rooms. Not smoking in these scenes passed on that she felt bliss. You don’t see Carol smoke again until she’s back home and taking a stab at joint care of her little girl (scene with Abby), and when she meets Therese in the Ritz Tower Hotel eatery.

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  Carol Full Movie Storyline:

The motion picture starts with different shots of New York in the mid 1950’s. A man named Jack enters a pleasant eatery and recognizes his companion Therese (Rooney Mara) who is situated opposite a truly blonde lady (Cate Blanchett), who is presented as Carol. Upon Jack’s passageway, Carol pardons herself from the table, saying she has an occasion to go to. She says her farewell to Therese, crushing her shoulder. Jack proposes Therese and him share a ride to their common companions party. Therese concurs, quietly. In the taxi, Therese sees Carol strolling down the walkway and flashes back to a day months prior, when Therese is working at a retail establishment, wearing a red Santa cap, transfixed on something out yonder.

In the flashback, it is New York City of December 1952, Therese is gotten at home by her beau, Richard. She rides pair on his bike to the Frankenberg Department Store where they both work. As they go to the floor, each representative is given a Santa cap and advised it’s a present from their boss. In the lounge, Richard notices an up and coming vessel trip that he needs to bring with Therese.

Therese is uncovered to work behind the counter of the toy division. Her straightforward chief chides her for not wearing her complimentary Santa cap, which Therese puts on, now coordinating the flashback we had seen a couple of minutes prior. Among the rambunctious clients appreciating a prepare set, Therese is focused on the quiet and emanating Carol. Be that as it may, a lady methodologies her, twisting the view to ask where the restroom is. After Therese guides her, Carol has vanished, much to Therese’s mistake. Be that as it may, all of a sudden, Carol is before her, requesting help finding a Betsy Wetsy doll. Therese is well known the doll wets itself yet says they have sold out. Hymn is frustrated, saying its the doll her little girl needed. Therese references alternate dolls they have available to be purchased. Hymn starts to smoke a cigarette and Therese needs to advise her that she can’t smoke inside. Ditty is guarded, expressing that she is simply worried from the shopping and Therese amiably identifies, advising her she feels a similar way. Ditty tells Therese she is caring and asks what doll she would have enjoyed as a young lady. Therese advises her she didn’t play with dolls however would have cherished the prepare set that Carol probably observed as she entered, as it snakes around the store. Tune chooses to take Therese’s proposal and Therese reviews a business ticket. Tune leaves however turns and tells Therese she prefers her (Santa) cap. Therese then notification Carol has abandoned her gloves on the counter. She notes Carols street number on the business ticket.

That night after work, Therese is in a bar with some person companions. One of them gives her back her camera, which he has altered for her. Another associate advises her he works at New York Times and in the event that she stops by at some point, he can demonstrate her around the photojournalist office.

In the mean time, Carol comes back to her enormous home in New Jersey. She brushes her three-year-old little girl’s hair while they look in the reflect and is adoring towards the young lady. A lady named Aunt Abby is specified, the adoptive parent of Carol’s girl. The next night, Carol goes to a supper gathering where she hits the dance floor with her significant other, Harge (Kyle Chandler) who advises her each time they go out, she’s dependably the most lovely young lady in the room. Yet, Carol is uncomfortable and wouldn’t like to be there. A companion discovers her in the corner and welcomes Carol to her home for Christmas. At home, the gloves arrived, stamped from Therese at the retail establishment.

The following day at the store, Therese checks with the HR office to check the status of the prepare set to Carol’s home, saying she had guaranteed it would land by Christmas Eve. She gets an affirmation that it has landed on time. At the point when Therese goes upstairs, her director brings her over, startling Therese. In any case, it is uncovered that Therese has gotten a telephone call from a client. It is Carol who expresses gratitude toward Therese for sending the gloves. To demonstrate her thankfulness, Carol offers to take Therese out to supper. Therese needs to approach her boss for a cushion and pen to record the address, which chafes the director considerably further.

Song is presently driving in a convertible with Aunt Abby (Sarah Paulson), who asks about the shop young lady that Therese is getting together with. In spite of the fact that she asserts she is simply saying thanks to somebody who gave back her gloves, Abby prods Carol, suspecting she is occupied with her impractically. This is the first occasion when we hear that the spouse and mother is transparently inspired by ladies.

Therese and Carol meet at the eatery. Tune unquestionably arranges creamed spinach and in addition a dry martini with an olive. Overpowered, Therese just requests a similar thing. At the point when the server inquires as to whether she implies the entrée or the drink, Therese lets him know “Every last bit of it”. As they both light up and smoke cigarettes while sitting tight for their sustenance to arrive, Carol inquires as to whether she is living with somebody. She advises her ‘no’, however her companion Richard needs to live with her. Song appears to be frustrated so Therese contributes, “dislike that. He’s just infatuated with me.” Carol tells Therese that her significant other and her are separating. She proposes that Therese stop by her home in the nation. Tune respects Therese, advising her she appears to have quite recently sprung out of (external) space.

Therese now meets with her new companion at the New York Times working nightfall. She is captivated by the photograph lab. He solicits her what kind from photography she does and she lets him know she takes shots of a great deal of trees and structures. He advises her she ought to photo individuals yet she has dependably been bashful about taking pictures of individuals since it feels nosy. He tries to kiss her yet she stops him and exits.

Richard joins Therese as she sits tight for Carol to lift her up for their Sunday at Carol’s home (the date is December 21, 1952). He inquires as to whether she is far off from him since he’s had intercourse with two different young ladies in the past yet says he just did it since they adored each other. She says it doesn’t trouble her in light of the fact that both of them have never had intercourse. Hymn arrives and Richard says “Bye, I cherish you”… to which Therese doesn’t react. Hymn and Therese drive through a long passage and appear to be jazzed to be in every others organization. Their first stop is a Christmas tree part. As it snows, Therese takes a photograph of Carol while she is selecting a tree. Song gets her in the demonstration and Therese apologizes, advising her she had been urged to begin capturing human subjects. Tune isn’t steamed however; she just says shed like to be shot when she is more done up.

At her home, Carol and her little girl improve the tree. Therese secludes herself at the piano and plays a tune. Hymn comes over and gets some information about her photography. She inquires as to whether Therese is gifted to which Therese doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Ditty advises her it’s something she would have been told by others. Ditty recommends going by Therese’s loft to see her work. The two are having an awesome time yet then Carol’s significant other, Harge, gets back home to get their little girl. Song questions disobediently, reminding him their little girl should go through Christmas Eve with her and after that Christmas Day with his relatives in Florida. Be that as it may, he says they have a lengthy drive and his folks requested they leave early. Harge then spots Therese. She lets him know they met at Frankenbergs and she welcomed her over to express gratitude toward her for giving back her gloves. Harge doesn’t trust this and they venture outside to contend. Inside, Therese can hear them shouting, with Harge blaming Carol for being infatuated with the shop young lady in their home, deploring that he thought she had recuperated from her time of unethical behavior. Inside, Therese turns up the stereo uproarious to overwhelm the dialog. At the point when Carol returns inside, she is cool to Therese and advises her there is a 8:00 PM prepare back to New York and she ought to be taken to the station instantly to make it in time.

Therese takes the prepare home, rejected and pitiful. When she gets to her place, people in general telephone in the corridor is ringing. She answers it and her neighbor turns out and advises her its past the point of no return for telephone calls. Therese calls attention to that returning home to a ringing telephone isn’t her blame. Hanging in the balance, Carol apologizes for the unexpected exit and requests that approach Therese’s place to see her photos. She likewise recommends they spend Christmas together as she’ll be isolated. She is anticipating traveling out west. Therese concurs.

The following day, Harge comes back with their little girl. She has been crying that she needs her mom to go along with them for Christmas so he is presently resolute that Carol go along. He tries to motivate her to reconsider the separation however she declines to go along with him, unyieldingly needing to remain home. He asks her where else she will go on Christmas given she has no companions. She lets him know she has heaps of spots she can run with Ed or Abby. At the say of Abby’s name, he blames her for going behind his back with her. Ditty clarifies Aunt Abby’s is their girl’s adoptive parent and that their relationship was over much sooner than it was over with him. Harge gets brutal and agitate that he didn’t get his direction. He reluctantly drives off without her, undermining Carol that she will be sad. She understands that on the off chance that he cannot have her, he will ensure nobody else can.

Song appears at Therese’s flat expressing she needs a drink and trusts that her icebox contains more than simply film canisters. Song takes a gander at the photos on Therese’s divider including the late one of her at the Christmas tree parcel. Therese is unassuming, saying she would make a superior showing with regards to in better conditions. In any case, Carol is awed with her work, advising her the photos are flawless as they seem to be.

One more day or two later, Richard and Therese stroll through the city and he inquires as to why she’s been so far off. She clarifies that they don’t have science and that when two individuals interface, it is certain. She clarifies that who you fall in lo

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  Plot Questions

In this section, we answer questions about the authenticity of Carol's story line, as well as what (if any) Sequels / prequels Carol has, and other random movie questions.

Was Carol based on a book?

See All Versions (Kindle, Paperback, etc.)

Is Carol based on a historical event?

Not from the research we did.

Was Carol based on a true story?

Our fact-checks indicate that this is not based on a true story.

Does Carol have a sequel?

No (or unknown).

Was Carol a comic?

No, this movie was not based on a comic.

Is Carol "demonic"?

Not to our knowledge.

Is Carol kid-friendly?

Not as far as we know.

Is Carol on Netflix?

No (or "not at this time").