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  Plot Summary:

An exceedingly progressed automated kid aches to wind up “genuine” with the goal that he can recapture the affection for his human mother.


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  Movie Details:

Duration: 146m

Year: 2001
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13
Language: English
Release Date: 29 June 2001

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David is 11 years old. He weighs 60 pounds. He is 4 feet, 6 inches tall. He has brown hair. His love is real. But he is not.

  Movie Trivia

Stanley Kubrick chipped away at the venture for a long time before his demise, yet en route chose to let Steven Spielberg coordinate, saying it was "nearer to his sensibilities". The two worked together for quite a long time, bringing about Kubrick giving Spielberg a total treatment and bunches of reasonable craftsmanship for the film before his demise. Indeed, even the quite reprimanded finishing, that numerous viewers expected was an expansion that Spielberg had demanded, was an a portion of Kubrick's unique treatment.   So as to further his non-human appearance, every prior day shooting, any of Haley Joel Osment's uncovered skin (confront, arms, hands, and so on.) was shaved to give him a more plastic look. The rundown of words that Monica Swinton says to David to make him fit for affection was the first rundown, composed by Stanley Kubrick. Genuine amputees played a portion of the robots with missing appendages.

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  A.I. Artificial Intelligence Full Movie Storyline:

The story happens later on where the nursery gasses have brought about the polar icecaps to soften, flooding beach front urban communities. To battle over-populace, individuals wishing to have kids must apply for a permit.

The film begins in the workplaces of an organization called Cybertronics, where its proprietor, Professor Allen Hobby (William Hurt), wishes to push mecha (otherwise known as mechanical) innovation, to make a creation that can love. At the point when his partners specify their ‘affection units’ Hobby redresses them: he is not talking physical love, but rather enthusiastic love, for example, that of a youngster for its mom.

The story then moves year and a half into the future where the Swintons, whose child Martin (Jake Thomas) is right now in cryostasis until a cure can be found for a crippling illness he is hit with. His mom Monica (Frances O’Connor) has not held up well sincerely under the conditions that have taken her child from her. Wanting to help her adapt, her significant other Henry (Sam Robards), a Cybertronics worker, partakes in a test wherein they would have the capacity to be a family to the organization’s most up to date mecha: David (Haley Joel Osment), the summit of Hobby’s examination to make a robot that can “love.”

At initially, Monica is furious, trusting her better half is attempting to “supplant” Martin. Be that as it may, Monica tries to adjust to David. Henry additionally advises her that in the event that they keep David that she should “engrave” herself upon him. Notwithstanding, if there was ever to come a period that she picked not to need him, because of the engraving being changeless, David would should be sent back to Cybertronics to be pulverized. After some time, Monica chooses to play out the engraving procedure; she peruses a rundown of words that will initiate David’s enthusiastic reenactment. When she does, David calls her “mom” and starts to act like a genuine youngster. To give David another type of brotherhood, she gives him an automated teddy bear called Teddy, which once had a place with Martin.

Things seem, by all accounts, to be going admirably for the Swintons, until one day, a cure takes Martin back to wellbeing. Martin looks upon David not as a human, but rather more as a “supertoy” or a “doll.” One day, Martin requests that their mom read them “Pinocchio,” to which David gets to be enchanted by, in which the wooden manikin turns into a genuine kid on account of the story’s Blue Fairy.

Martin then tries to cause David harm in various ways. In the first place, he wheedles David into eating spinach, which causes David to glitch and need cleaning. Some other time, he advises David to remove some of Monica’s hair while she dozes as a motion of adoration, however the episode makes Henry imagine that David was attempting to assault his significant other.

At Martin’s birthday party, one of his companions chooses to test David, to check whether he has an approach to keep himself from agony. The “test” causes David to take hold of Martin, crying ‘guard me.’ The two fall into the Swinton’s swimming pool, where it appears that David was endeavoring to suffocate Martin.

Henry chooses that David is no more extended safe, and persuades Monica to return David to be crushed. Monica tries to take David to Cybertronics under the main story of going on a cookout. Be that as it may, she can’t force herself to take David specifically to Cybertronics and surrenders him in a timberland, alongside Teddy. David gets to be startled and confounded and he doubts why he is being compelled to leave his mom.

In the interim, a male-prostitute mecha, Gigolo Joe, lands at the condo of a lady he sees routinely. He changes his appearance to suit her and, entering the room, discovers her dead. Her better half shows up and kisses his significant other, saying “I may have murdered you yet you slaughtered me first”. Joe withdraws, understanding that the lady’s better half is encircling him for the murder. Joe surges out of the condo building and slices off his enlistment tag to maintain a strategic distance from recognition by the police.

Still in the timberland, David reasons that his deserting was on account of he is not genuine like Martin, and that if he somehow managed to locate the Blue Fairy like in the story “Pinocchio,” she could make him genuine, and he would then have the capacity to go home. Traveling through the forested areas, he runs over various deserted, out of date and separated mechas hunting through Cybertronics’ garbage heaps down extra parts to repair themselves. The mechas are gathered together by a man named Lord Johnson-Johnson (Brendan Gleeson), and taken to a ‘Substance Fair’ where mechas are demolished for the beguilement of hostile to mecha enthusiasts. David is carried into the ring alongside the mecha named Gigolo Joe. At the point when a couple basins of corrosive are to be dropped on both himself and Joe, David shouts out, indicating dread like a genuine kid. The group rebels against Johnson-Johnson and in the midst of the subsequent mob, David and Joe are sans set and leave.

Getting away into the adjacent woods, David tells Joe of his scan for the Blue Fairy. Joe is certain that they’ll discover her in a place called Rouge City. Hitching a ride with a few youngsters, they make it to the city: a central hub of grown-up diversion that adversaries Las Vegas and Disneyland. Their trip assumes them to a position where a learned PC representation of Einstein, called Dr Know (voiced by Robin Williams), lets them know that the Blue Fairy can be found “toward the apocalypse where the lions sob”. Joe discloses to David that Dr Know must mean a place called ‘Man-hattan,’ the same number of mechas have gone to the apocalypse and have never returned.

David is for going to ‘Man-hattan’ regardless of the peril. In any case, Joe tries to deflect him, saying that it could be a trap. As David and Joe leave the building, Joe is greeted by officers, who have come to capture him for murder, a reality David is uninformed of. Seeing a vehicle sitting close-by called an Amphibicopter,’ David takes the controls, and figures out how to discharge Joe from the grasp of the officers. Joe gets in and takes the controls, managing them to ‘Man-hattan.’

Their excursion drives them to the overwhelmed New York City where they discover the Cybertronics working, on which sit statues of lions sobbing water from their eyes. David goes into a room, where he finds another mecha that looks simply like him. Be that as it may, feeling this copy could plan to remove his mom from him, David obliterates it in a desirous fierceness. It is then that Professor Hobby uncovers his nearness, telling David that he utilized Dr. Know to lead him “home,” telling David that the Blue Fairy is just a myth. Side interest allows David to sit unbothered, to bring the colleagues who outlined him. David meanders around Hobby’s office, finding the diverse mechanical things that were instrumental in his creation, and additionally completely boxed “David” and “Darlene” units for shopper buy. Seeing them aggravates David feel even, in that his excursion to end up human has yielded no chance to get for him to end up human to recapture his mom’s affection.

David advances outside the Cybertronics building, and after that bounced off into the waters underneath. As he buoys in the water he abruptly observes something gleaming out yonder. Before he can move facilitate, a hook from the Amphibicopter catches him, dragging him out of the water. Over the water, David tells Joe that he saw the Blue Fairy, and that she is down underneath. Be that as it may, before Joe can help David, another Amphibicopter shows up and catches Joe. Before he is pulled skyward, Joe actuates the Amphibicopter for David to go submerged.

David and Teddy pilot the vehicle profound into the submerged city, ending up in the remainders of the Coney Island entertainment mecca. David manages the art to the recreation center’s Fairytale Land, and inside a ‘Pinocchio-themed’ region, finds a statue of the Blue Fairy. Be that as it may, moving the specialty causes a close-by Ferris wheel to fall, catching the Amphibicopter close to the statue. David is not in the least concerned, yet is elated that he has at long last found the Blue Fairy. He then starts to “ask” to her, wishing to wind up a genuine kid.

Two thousand years go in which the world has ended up covered in another ice age, and people have everything except ceased to exist. Uncovering the ice are developed mechas without bounds, attempting to uncover and think about the leftovers of the way of life and species that made them. An uncovering group working in the midst of the Coney Island carnival runs over David and Teddy, solidified in the Amphibicopter.

Looking through David and Teddy’s recollections, they are astounded to find that he had once lived among people. Utilizing David and Teddy’s recollections, they prepare a manufactured reality of the Swinton’s home, in which David meets a creation taking after the Blue Fairy. David wishes to be a genuine kid, and to see Monica once more. The blue pixie clarifies that she can’t make him genuine, and that since 2,000 years have passed, she is does not live anymore. The blue pixie tells David they can bring back different people, however David just needs Monica. Clarifying that they require a hair test or other human tissue, Teddy uncovers the strands of hair that David had cut from Monica’s head. David requests that since he has Monica’s hair, the blue pixie ought to now have the capacity to bring her back. The Blue Fairy says that she can make this along these lines, and David is consumed to his space.

After some time, one without bounds mechas comes to chat with David, concerning his “wish” to have Monica breathed life into back. The mecha clarifies that in the past the restoration of people have turned out to be non-enduring, that any such “resurrectees” would live for one day. Indeed, even with this disclosure, David still wishes to meet Monica once more.

The future mechas concede him his desire, and the revived Monica and David, alongside Teddy, spend a whole day together, doing a wide range of things. When it at last comes time for them to go to rest, the revived Monica tells David that she cherishes him. With this learning, David himself additionally goes to rest, content and upbeat finally.

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  Plot Questions

In this section, we answer questions about the authenticity of A.I. Artificial Intelligence's story line, as well as what (if any) Sequels / prequels A.I. Artificial Intelligence has, and other random movie questions.

Was A.I. Artificial Intelligence based on a book?

See All Versions (Kindle, Paperback, etc.)

Is A.I. Artificial Intelligence based on a historical event?

Not from the research we did.

Was A.I. Artificial Intelligence based on a true story?

Our fact-checks indicate that this is not based on a true story.

Does A.I. Artificial Intelligence have a sequel?

No (or unknown).

Was A.I. Artificial Intelligence a comic?

No, this movie was not based on a comic.

Is A.I. Artificial Intelligence "demonic"?

Not to our knowledge.

Is A.I. Artificial Intelligence kid-friendly?

Not as far as we know.

Is A.I. Artificial Intelligence on Netflix?

No (or "not at this time").