How to Install Ares on Kodi (FireTV or Any Other Device)

Ares Wizard has become a very popular way to install all the best TV Addons in Kodi in just a few clicks.  However, the “build server” that hosts the Kodi “builds” has been offline often for quite awhile.  So this process is hit-or-miss, to warn you now.  But when it hits (and when we actually do install Ares Wizard), it hits hard, son.

Ares Wizard Update #1:  In the recent months, much of Ares Wizard’s functionality has been un-maintained, causing a significant portion of it to not work (particularly the server that hosts the file for us to install Ares, and the build server that hosts the Kodi builds).

Install Ares Wizard VIDEO Tutorial by ClawTV

BUT, we still managed to get a great Kodi Build, Apollo, installed.  We also installed Pulse (the skin didn’t change to Pulse’s skin, but the TV addons sure imported).  So give it a shot – install Ares Wizard on Kodi and set up some great Kodi builds!

Install Ares Wizard Quick Links

What is Ares Wizard?

Ares Wizard is a tool that configures your installation of Kodi to add the best TV addons, movie addons, program addons, skins, and general configurations to your Kodi.

How Do I Install Ares Wizard in Kodi?

The installation is very similar to installing the Config Wizard, if you’ve done that.  If not, here are the step-by-step instructions:

How to install Ares Wizard in Kodi (Step-by-Step):

  1. In Kodi, go to System > File Manager.
  2. Go to Add Source
  3. Select <None> to enter the URL below
  4. Enter and press OK
  5. Select the field to enter a name and enter a name for the new source (we kept it simple and named it “aw” for Ares Wizard).
  6. Hit OK to Add the source.
  7. Then go back to the Kodi home screen
  8. Go to Programs
  9. From the Programs menu, select Get More
  10. Then select the two dots (“..”) to go up a level
  11. Then go up another level by pressing the two dots again
  12. You should then see “Install from Zip file“.  Select it.
  13. Then select the new source you added in the first few steps (we named it “aw”).
  14. After you select the source, you should see the file.
  15. Select it to install Ares Wizard.
  16. After you see the notification that Ares Wizard has been installed, go to the Kodi home screen again.
  17. Then go to Programs.
  18. Select the new Ares Wizard item under Programs and hit OK to launch it.
  19. After Ares Wizard is launched, choose “Builds” in the Ares Wizard main menu.
  20. Then select a build of Kodi (a pre-made configuration).  Tip:  We had luck with the Apollo build, but not with the other few Top 5 Kodi builds in Ares Wizard.  The Apollo build took awhile to install, but was great after we installed it.

Issues BEFORE Installing Ares Wizard in Kodi

Issues DURING Installing Ares Wizard in Kodi

  • Be sure to let any processes complete fully to avoid errors.  This is especially true when you go to install a Kodi build, because the builds usually are at least 100MB or more.  So it takes awhile for Kodi’s Ares Wizard to download the build and extract the files to your device.  Be patient!

Issues AFTER Installing Ares Wizard for Kodi

  • If a TV Addon doesn’t play a stream in Ares Wizard after it’s installed, there are a few things to try:
    • A)  Re-install the individual TV Addon manually, as the Wizard may not necessarily have the latest version of the TVAddon
    • B)  Reboot everything, including the media playback device, your router – everything.
    • C)  The stream is blocked due to geo-restrictions or other content restrictions.
    • D)  Your Firestick / Fire TV / other type of device is overheating.  This is very very common for Firestick and other streaming TV sticks that don’t have onboard cooling and a plastic-encased body.

ClawTV TV 2-Minute Wrap-Up

The Ares Wizard is an amazing system, so I give mad respect to the Ares Wizard developers.  The concept works great when it’s available and has huge potential.

What are you waiting for?  Install Ares Wizard on your FireTV or other device and get in the game!


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