Be Informed!

Kodi does NOT provide any content whatsoever.  You’ll need to Install TVAddons for that.

What is Kodi?  Kodi is a platform for streaming ALL types of media.  After you install one of many TV Addons for Kodi, you can search by movie (ex: Big Buck Bunny) or by TV Show.

How Do I Install Kodi?

If you have a Firestick or FireTV, installing Kodi & TVAddons is easy.  See the video tutorial below.  If you don’t have an Amazon Fire TV device, keep reading.

1) How to Install Kodi on Firestick (Video)

How Do I Install TVAddons for Kodi?

2) How to add TVAddons in Kodi (Video)

Installing Kodi on Other Devices

If you have a PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi, NVidia Shield, or other device type, you can install Kodi on that, too.  To do so, simply go to Kodi’s download page, download the Kodi for your device type, and install that bad boy (Kodi).

After you install Kodi, install TVAddons with this handy video guide or this written step-by-step guide from KFireTV.

How Do I Find Movies & TV Shows With TVAddons?

Launch Kodi, open a TVAddon (such as Exodus), and search for your movie (such as Big Buck Bunny)!


KODI is not who actually provides media.  TVAddons are what provides users the ability to stream content and set up their own sharing of media.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Watch Movies & TV with TVAddons for Kodi:

Summary: To watch a movie / TV show on Kodi TVAddons, install the Kodi app on a device (such as PC, Mac, Firestick, or others).  Then use Kodi to launch a popular TVAddon.  Then use the TVAddon’s “Search” feature to find your desired movie / TV show!”

2)  Install TVAddons (link:  KFireTV Install TVAddons Video & Written guide.  You can use TVAddons’ Config Wizard to install all addons, or use the AddOn Installer Method to install individual addons)
3)  Launch Kodi, then Launch the TVAddon of your choice (Exodus, for example)
4)  Locate the Movie / TV Show (ex: Search for Big Buck Bunny from within the Exodus TVAddon)
5)  Choose the Source / Quality (ex: BIGFILMS [SD]) and your movie / TV show will start playing!
(Optional) 6) If the Source is jittery or is buffering a lot, back out and try a different Source!

What Are The Best Devices For Watching Kodi?

This is a list of the best streaming players for Kodi, in order of greatness, ease-of-use, and affordability:
1) Fire TV Stick – The Firestick is a proven performer in the land of Kodi.  Although the Firestick naturally gets hot (overheats), it’s still a good, inexpensive way to stream Kodi.
2) Android TV BoxAndroid TV Boxes are GREAT for streaming Kodi.  They’re cheap, they usually come with remotes, and they do the job.
3) PC – PCs are awesome devices for running Kodi.  Usually even old dinosaur PCs will have enough power to play at least 720p movies.  Use FreeTelly to install Kodi on PC.
4) Mac – Yes, Kodi for Mac is a thing.  Install Kodi on Mac with FreeTelly.
5) Raspberry Pi – Raspberry Pi is one of those amazing little devices that can do anything, so yes – it can play Kodi streams.
6) Nvidia Shield – Nvidia Shield is a proprietary media streamer than can run Kodi.

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