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Before Indian Independence, numerous Tamils from South India were sent to Malaysia as obligated workers. Kabali, the hero, battles this abuse. After a protracted detainment, he is more decided than any time in recent memory to battle for his kin.

Four Brothers

Four siblings hope to retaliate for their mom's passing.


A San Francisco sketch artist turns into a novice investigator fixated on finding the Zodiac executioner.


At the point when Keller Dover's girl and her companion disappear, he takes matters into his own particular hands as the police seek after different leads and the weight mounts. Be that as it may, exactly how far will this frantic father go to secure his family?


Eagerness, duplicity, cash, power, and murder happen between two closest companions, a mafia underboss and a club proprietor, for a trophy spouse over a betting domain.


Henry Hill and his companions work their way up through the crowd chain of importance.

Con Air

Recently paroled ex-con and previous U.S. Officer Cameron Poe gets himself caught in a detainee transport plane when the travelers seize control.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

At the point when a shopping center is assumed control by a group of composed hoodlums, it's up to an unassuming security protect to spare the day.

Tower Heist

At the point when a gathering of dedicated folks discover they've succumbed to their well off manager's Ponzi plot, they plan to ransack his tall structure home.
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As previous cop Garza looks for requital on Santos, the wrongdoing ruler who encircled him, he shapes a far-fetched group with a youthful programmer who effectively stole $10 million from Santos.

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