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In old-world Polynesia, when a horrible revile brought about by Maui achieves a hasty Chieftain's little girl's island, she answers the Ocean's get to search out the demigod to set things right.


In 1942, an army officer in North Africa experiences a female French Resistance warrior on a destructive mission behind foe lines. When they rejoin in London, their relationship is tried by the weights of war.

Ip Man 3

At the point when a band of merciless criminals drove by a warped property designer make a play to assume control over a nearby school, Master Ip is compelled to stand firm.


Before Indian Independence, numerous Tamils from South India were sent to Malaysia as obligated workers. Kabali, the hero, battles this abuse. After a protracted detainment, he is more decided than any time in recent memory to battle for his kin.

Red Dawn

A gathering of youngsters hope to spare their town from an attack of North Korean troopers.

Scent of a Woman

A private academy understudy requiring cash consents to "look after children" dazzle man, yet the employment is not in any manner what he foreseen.


Eagerness, duplicity, cash, power, and murder happen between two closest companions, a mafia underboss and a club proprietor, for a trophy spouse over a betting domain.

Still Alice

An etymology educator and her family discover their bonds tried when she is determined to have Alzheimer's Disease.


Henry Hill and his companions work their way up through the crowd chain of importance.

Sweet November

The story revolves around a man and a lady, whose destinies are interlaced and will change for eternity. Nelson is a devoted publicist living in San Francisco...

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