Anonymous Torrenting: The Ultimate How-To Guide (No ISP Tracking)

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Use uTorrent + IPVanish for Anonymous Torrenting

Torrents have been an amazingly resourceful concept in years gone by.  They only increase in usefulness as the “cloudiness” of the Internet multiplies the way it does.  To protect ourselves when using torrents, we should practice Anonymous Torrenting to protect ourselves from various things, such as ISP throttling, people / organizations spying on our data, and organizations blocking us from viewing content (if you’ve seen the message “Video not available in your country” on YouTube, you’ve experienced this).

Anonymous Torrenting Prevents Bandwidth Throttling

Anonymous Torrenting Prevents Bandwidth Throttling

Since torrents have both legal and non-legal (see what we did there?) implications, the downloading of torrents in general is often frowned upon by ISPs.  Why is this bad?  Because when ISPs frown upon us, they throttle our bandwidth and restrict our streaming capabilities (blocking TV Addons in Kodi, for example).  Anonymous torrenting removes the possibility of them viewing the content of our transferred data!

Yes – you can completely change your scenario around to one with complete anonymity when downloading your sweet, sweet torrents (and using ANY Internet bandwidth).

Anonymous Torrenting 101:  How Do We Do It?

Use an IP hiding service: IPVanish.  Their secure servers re-route your traffic through an Internet tunnel that nobody can spy on or see what’s inside.  “What’s inside?” You ask?  You tell us.  Streaming movies & TV.  Torrents.  Software.  Whatever you need, my friend.  Once again, much like the Internet itself, torrents and video streams can be both legal and illegal.

Anonymous torrenting is supported by all countries

Infographic of Anonymous Torrenting & Browsing by Country

Explanation:  We’re not about to shut down the Internet because people do illegal stuff with it – so why would we shut down torrents (by the way – “shutting down torrents” is theoretically an impossibility, since it’s a decentralized peer-to-peer system).  So they can’t shut torrents down – but they can semi-legally spy on the contents of your transferred Internet data.

The Benefits of Anonymous Torrenting

Anonymous torrenting ensures data privacy

Data Privacy Starts With Secure, Anonymous Torrenting

Anyone who’s ever received a “nasty” letter or email from their ISP saying “We caught you downloading Hello Kitty Island Adventures” (or something to that effect) can attest to the fact that the ISPs spy on us.  How would they know the names of the torrents we download if they weren’t spying on us?

  • Question answered:  They do spy on us.  Is this legal?  Probably not, at least in the USA, but the ISPs call the shots – so we’re kind of stuck with them.
    • Fortunately, we have secure VPN service to solve all of these issues at once, for good.

Unblock TV & Other Resources With Anonymous Torrenting

Use anonymous torrenting to unblock all TV addons!

Unblock ALL TV Addons with Anonymous Torrenting

So if our Internet Service Providers are the “Internet blockers”, then what role do we play on the other side?  We’re those who embrace Internet security & IP-hiding techniques to maximize the power and access of our Internet connections.

No more data being stored about your search queries, no more country-blocking of videos or streams, and no more bandwidth throttling.  Just unrestricted streaming movies & TV – and all the other stuff, too.

Personal Internet Security & “Obfuscation”


Anonymous torrenting helps you get the geoblocked content you want

Hiding Your IP Enables Anonymous Torrenting & Geoblocked Content!

What’s obfuscation?  Obfuscation means “covering something up” – in this case, it’s usually your IP address.  This way, you can access resources that your normal IP address may not have access to.

Personal Internet Security

Personal Internet Security and obfuscation go hand-in-hand when we’re talking about VPN service like IPVanish (60% off coupon exclusively for KFireTV visitors).  This is because you receive both when you use IPVanish’s secure servers to route your traffic.  The utilization of a VPN will give you completely anonymous torrenting, no bandwidth throttling, and complete data privacy from third parties (and even your own ISP!).

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