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Suicide Squad

A hidden governmental organization enlists a misfit band of jailed super-convicts to perform risky operations in trade for chaos.

Don’t Breathe

A gang of close friends sneak their way into the home owned by a rich man who happens to be blind. Assuming they would be scott-free with their "great escape", they soon find out they were wrong the whole time.

Bad Moms

A trio of hardworking moms, lacking appreciation from others, are forced to put their responsible nature to the side and indulge in some good old fun-havin' that should have happened years ago.

Sausage Party

A tube of meat quests to find the real meaning of his life.

Deepwater Horizon

This cinematic piece puts a Hollywood view on the tragic oil spill that was perpetrated by the companies Transocean and BP which will change the world's ecosystem forever.

Hell or High Water

A formerly-married father and his former criminal sibling are forced to come up with an ill-planned plot to rescue their farm in the Southwest United States.

When the Bough Breaks

A couple gets a surrogate mother to bear their child. Meanwhile, the mother quickly falls into becoming infatuated with the expecting father.

Blair Witch (2016)

In this remake of the spooky original Blair Witch movie, James follows the evidence that shows what appears to be James' sister and her events in the evil wooded area of the original Blair Witch occurrence.